Oracle Dreaming

Would you like to Experience more Clarity in Your Life?

Connect with a Soulful Community of Like-Minder Travellers on this Journey?

Do You Want to Discover “What Else is Possible?”

Hey! Kiarna Ella (And Katrina Hahling here and there’s one thing I know for certain, When we are clear, we hold a blank page and create flow in the path we see before us.

This is an invitation to hold an experience that is intended to go deep, AND bring the Clarity with you so you know exactly what your Next Step is.

For this reason, we would like to personally invite you to Journey with us, as you experience Oracle Dreaming.

So what exactly is The Oracle Dreaming Experience?

Oracle Dreaming is an experience incorporating a Fire Ritual, Journaling and Movement under the stars. It’s time to Release your Mind as you Connect into your Heart and create Movement with what is Possible in your Life – Right Now!

This evening will be a 3 phase experience and you get started the moment you enter into the space.

Kiarna Ella, from Beyond Infinity Hub (creator of A Dose Of Reality Oracle Cards) is looking forward to sharing the Wisdom of Oracle Dreaming with you if you are ready to

* Bring New Awareness into what has potentially been holding you back in order to Release

*Connect into your Affirmation for this next cycle through Journaling

*Expand Utilising Movement and Stretching under the Stars – The way Nature Intended.

Wish no more, as we step into BEing the change we are in the World.

Why would you want to join us?

Beyond Oracle Dreaming being a lot of fun, this is an opportunity to create a space of clarity and gain insights as to what is going on for you so that you can be in alignment for all of the coming month.

What this means for you is you will experience more Flow, Joy and Create exactly what you want, with greater ease than ever before, And not only that – be aware of exactly what that is!

You will be experiencing tools that go beyond just putting pen to paper. What you will be utilising, transcends regular journaling so you will get straight into your heart.

The Exclusive Oracle Cards are one of a kind and called “A Dose of Reality”; that is not by accident. With an Oracle right there to guide you to understand how that topic (as per the card) is playing out in your life and the possibilities that lay beyond.

Come and experience “A Dose of Reality Oracle” for yourself and learn instantly, what you are ready to Release, Connect in to and what will Expand when you do.

Incorporating Ritual Sage and the Medicine of Music, we will get your heart beating and Neurology to Integrate this new way of being in your life. All of this, set in the beautiful Beyond Infinity Hub Mooloolaba.

This is your Time, this is your opportunity to Journal, to Play with Fire and create Movement as we journey together for Oracle Dreaming.

Investment $40 (venue hire, pens, papers etc)

Limited it to only 20 people.

We look forward to experiencing this with you!



“Divine Body Design – Infinite Vitality

And the Power of The Unspoken Goal Manifesto”





Divine Body Design

This presentation shares breakthrough tips guiding people to recognised that their “Ideal Body” isn’t found in Magazines or in the latest potentially dangerous “Fad Diet” but by listening to your inner guidance, being accountable for your choices and utilising some pretty cool little tips and tricks in the process.

This information comes from 18 years of personal research and personal experience after the birth of my third child. Experiencing fluctuating weight and body changes had an effect on my Self Esteem and the desire to go back to what I was before giving birth consumed my every thought.

Diets do not help us “loose weight”. By focusing on what we perceive to be the problem, we intensify it. It’s only when we realise, we alone choose what comes next that we are able to transform our bodies and lives forever.

It’s not just the food we eat but every experience we encounter that contributes to “holding on”. Every hurt, every disappointment, every dream we let die for the sake of those we love. The constant surrender hurts everyone. This presentation helps empower you to navigate nurturing others and having your own needs met. You can have both.

I will share with you the appropriate substitutes that nourish you while satisfying any cravings you may have.  This one trick alone is worth travelling for!

Just so you know, I’m not a personal trainer trying to get you to experience intense pain in the name of “Fitness”. What my clients experience is by substituting foods and getting their internal dialogue supporting them, their energy levels are raised and they then have the desire to incorporate simple movement into the mix.

This is not a diet.. This is a lifestyle choice you want to embrace and best of all, it doesn’t matter what age or stage you are at as it is all personalised specifically for you.

Who it is for:

  • If you want to start loving your body RIGHT NOW rather than when it’s “Socially acceptable”
  • If you are ready to be mindful of the choices you make and ready to do something a little different.
  • If you are someone who wants to be able to participate in life rather than continue to be a spectator.
  • Or you are recognising how vital your health actually is to everyone around you.



Heart iNNER-Tuition

This course is specifically for those who want to take their intuition to the next level in order to understand how to tap into this for themselves to be Clear and Conscious and Capable in every decision.

This course looks at different trains of though around the topic from around the world. This includes different cultures and ways of life that support strong intuition.

We look at how it is you receive information whether being Emphatic, Clairvoyant, Clairscentiant, Clairaudient or even just seem to know things and show you how to increase this in order to know and trust what is the best choice for you on a day to day basis.

We also look at different tools you can use as you develop this skill further. Pendulums, Cards, Crystal Balls or something completely different. You get to explore what works best for you and given options at the end to get them right then and there so you can take them home and start developing you skills further by practicing on friends and family.

We also look at Freudian techniques vs Jung in relation to using the tools to empower our clients rather than create co-dependancy and blind faith in the messages we share.

Doesn’t matter where you are on your journey, you are sure to remember something new by participating in this experience.

Who it is for:

  • If you have an open mind to possibilities and magick.
  • If you want to know how to trust/develop your intuition.
  • If you want to explore different techniques and increase your sense of knowing.
  • Those who are ready to experience the wonderment in life.

The Break Through, Break Free Formula




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