Reviews on Kiarna

“Kiarna has this amazing way of listening to your question or issue and seeing right to the very core almost immediately. You can feel that she completely puts her own ego and judgement aside so the focus is 100% on you and your journey.

It’s rare to feel that heard and that validated in any given moment, people are generally so caught up in their own stuff. So refreshing – Thank you!”

Liz S, Adelaide, SA


My shoulder feels amazingly better.. Thank you so much. I hope I have the will to find courage and be authentic!!!

Lucio, Gold Coast, QLD


“Kiarna, you are my secret weapon to full wellness (beyond Chronic Fatigue) and it is an honor to know you and have the privilege to work with you.”

Shane C, Gold Coast, QLD


“Thanks Kiarna. You have the most amazing energy. Such an inspirational lady with lots to share! Am looking forward to tapping into whatever it is you unfold.”

Donna W, Gold Coast, QLD


“I can personally recommend Kiarna Ella – She is truly an amazing healer and a beautiful soul.”

Kylie W, Brisbane, QLD


“I can recommend Kiarna as a gifted Healer. She has helped guide me through many stages of my life and personal growth.”

Clint M, Burleigh, QLD


“Thank you sweet pea for all your love and guidance”

Kristie O, Burleigh, QLD


“I experienced your work and was blown away! Such a great gift!”

Tarek B, Palm Beach, QLD


“I want to thank you again today for all of your help in my life. I feel so grateful for all you showed me and all I have separated myself from. You were the first to properly awaken my soul and for that I am forever grateful!”

Chantel, Marino, SA


“Thanks heaps hun! Made me feel more positive about my own life. Doesn’t feel so daunting knowing what I need to do when situations arise. It’s calming to know that others out there have used the same method and feel a sense of pride afterwards. Thanks lovely!”

Elizabeth C, Christies Beach, SA


“Funnily I have had phone call enquirers every day since my session with you”. 

Rebecca C, Adelaide, SA


“Just wanted to share a tiny tid bit of good feedback for you darling.. Since our healing I have not had (or needed) any hands on therapy – I normally have massage, acu, etc just feel fantastic. And I’m still integrating some of the messages that came through had another break through last night with work stuff. So yeah thank you.”

Elizabeth, Rostrevor, SA


“My heart chakra area is actually tender to the touch this evening. I am not sure what was released and can’t actually remember what I said must have been from somewhere deep…. thank you again xxx <3”

Kim, Adelaide, Glenelg, SA


“I feel so amazing right now! Thank you so much. You are spreading your positive vibration through me and onto those around me in a positive snowball effect. You have the powers of a positive earth quake.

(yo)U can see how we can all do our bit to change the world now! Earth Warrior! I’m a force to be reckoned with watch me soar!!”

Chantel W, Hilton, SA


“From the moment I met you, you have had an impact, and then was graced with the power of your vibration in a room among many. Thank you for that, I didn’t feel alone.”

Brett, Adelaide, SA


“Without a doubt, you are one of the few who has awoken me simply by being you, and as such a reflection on myself. And to think you did that without even trying 🙂 That is indeed divine Service!”

Scott, Norlunga, SA


“Feeling connected, balanced, centered once again! Amazing how significant a healing session feels after not having one for so long… Actually, it’s not amazing.. i know this stuff works. It helped transform my life many years ago. It’s been a week since I saw Kiarna Ella for my Shamanic Healing and wow have I noticed the return to my complete self without any interfering outside stress.

Just Imagine if everyone was in tune with their bodies and knew when to do these acts of self service.

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones.

Get balanced, centered.. or grounded if you prefer..

Raise your own vibration; and you will raise those around you”.

James C, Adelaide, SA


“Today is a new day, a new moment, but I wanted to express my love and gratitude towards you. Yesterday I reacted quite strongly to a rising emotion, and I feel I allowed the heaviness to be projected towards yourself…. …Thank you deeply for allowing me the space to do so. You’re awesome! No point in letting my ego rule me now is there 😉 Love you to bits”

Laura M, Adelaide, SA


“Thank you! It was such a great session. Thanks for sharing your gifts.. 🙂 I’m feeling really sleepy this afternoon and not quite able to focus on anything! Surrendering 😉 xx”

Lissy, Adelaide, SA


“Awesome Kiarna, Love your swag!”

Rick D, Adelaide, SA


“Thank you….. I’ve been dwelling on every little feeling. After reading what you said I’ve done 3 loads of washing and finally baked the three types of biscuits I’ve been meaning to make for the fathers in our lives. Feel like a weight off my shoulders, You’re a champ!”

Kim W, Highbury, SA


“Your way of putting things together is fab, the latest workshop – what a fab idea!!! So many people trying too hard to loose weight, and missing the whole “happiness” ingredient”.

Ruth M, Marino, SA


“I wanted to say a big thank you Kiarna Ella. I had a great night on my way to the new and better me”.

Michael P, Northfield, SA


“Before I came to see you today I felt nervous, unsure and unclear about where I was at in my relationship with my partner which has been stressing me out and getting me down for ages, hence wanting to catch up with you. I’m not exactly sure what I wanted to get out of of today but felt the urge to come and see you again as I enjoyed the previous catch up I’d had with you and left feeling a bit clearer.
When I left I felt relieved as I got so much off my chest that had been weighing me down for months, I instantly felt comfortable talking to you and explained where I was at in my situation and in my head. I also felt happy that I had some new approaches to think about and try at home which I think will really help. Absolutely and am feeling a lot better after seeing you today.. even though only time will tell, and what will be will be, I have a more positive approach about things and some new ideas to think about to help better myself in my relationship as well instead of just expecting my partner to make all the changes. Thanks babe! You have no idea how good it felt to get EVERYTHING out and not have to leave bits and pieces out.”  

Kristen F, Sheidow Park, SA


Kiarna conducted a house blessing in my home after a bout of tragic events that had taken place in my life within a very short time period. Kiarna presented herself with her normal beautiful energy and using her intuition was able to pin point issues in my house and help clear them away. When finished, Kiarna left instruction for myself and husband to complete the clearing. I felt completely comfortable and had all faith in Kiarna to help protect my family and make 2014 a better year than 2013 had ended. My dog had stopped sleeping in his bed (which is in our bedroom) and since Kiarna has done her blessing and cleaning he has returned. I feel generally more comfortable and at home within my home and has definitely lifted my positive spirits.
Thank you Kiarna. Xo”

Sarah M, Walkley Heights, SA


“Love our conversations. Very thought provoking!!!”

Lucy, Adelaide, SA


“Thanks for listening to me, I really needed to let it out to someone.. I’ve been in tears the past few days”.

Krystal, Elizabeth, SA


“Life is for loving, the highs and the lows. I’m grateful”.

Ali, Southern Adelaide, SA


“hello. I am a 36 year old skeptic male who recently agreed to a distance energy session.. we decided on a time and place (home alone with a candle in a dark room) and I turned off the phone and television, and lied down for an hour.
i can’t say i definitely felt any physical sensation, i just lay still and quiet and thought my problems out…
later that night Kiarna messaged me my results, which I admit were quite remarkable..
there was mention of some issues around my family, and also about my personal life. not broad mention either, quite surprisingly (to me the skeptic) an accurate understanding of certain problems my dysfunctional family have been plagued with.
she offered advice and solution to these problems, which i have taken onboard and executed, and yes, i do feel better for it.
i am a stubborn and probably at times ignorant man, and do not pretend to understand everything, but I am surprised and intrigued in equal portions by my own experience with Kiarna..”
Distance Healing/Intuitive Reading

Anonymous. Adelaide, SA


“Thanks for letting me bounce all this off you as well Kiarna I appreciate it a great deal, the fact that you are a mother yourself who walked that path helps with understanding where I’m at too”

Aaron, Blackwood, SA


“Had the best spiritual cleanse done by ma girl, Kiarna – such a clever cookie you are, a real treasured friendship <3.. Here’s to focusing on the green <3”

Carrie W, Melbourne, VIC

2 thoughts on “Reviews on Kiarna

  1. Thank you Kiarna, for your guidance, healing and clearing. I learnt so much in our session today, and I feel like a massive weight has been lifted. I feel so much better and stronger about which direction I am taking. You are AMAZING at what you do! Bless you!


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