Help.. I’ve fallen and landed in the center of the Universe

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We all have those experiences from time to time, that shake us at our core. Crumbling the very foundation of what we thought was true and solid.

I recently made the choice to experience such a moment. Little did I know what was about to happen and the impact it would have on my life.

The anticipation grew as what I thought I knew, was no longer. I recognised, sometimes, we need to hold onto something solid, no matter how abstract it may seem at the time. What if by accepting the thought that nothing is solid is solid enough to move forwards?

As our perception changes,  having faith can be the one thing that allows us to surrender to the process. To dive into the unknown while holding an internal knowing that all will be ok. It’s that level of trust which makes things come into fruition.

Once we allow ourselves to surrender, all that remains is our ability to play with what comes next. To surrender in order to be in control is the hardest concept to grasp and yet, such is the paradox of life!

Imagine both hearing and feeling the sound of our soul; transpersonally. Finally knowing ourself and be given true reason to love what we find.. Not superficially but unconditionally.

Imagine if you will, being able to communicate with each person in your life, completely bypassing the ego and getting straight answers, clarity.. Knowing if the “drama” was deserving of the energy we gave to it and realising, if it’s not fun, it’s not worth playing.

Imagine knowing how to be the most authentic and integral version of ourself right now without regard for how others would portray us. Knowing by being who we truly yearn to be allows others to do the same and brings a level of peace wherever we travel.

Imagine breathing into any pain you feel-physically, mentally, emotionally and by breathing, healing all, right then and there..

Imaging if it were actually by your ability to surrender to the fact it’s all just a dream and kiss what you though you were scared of on the metaphorical nose, (in turn, facing your death*) that made you see fear was nothing more than a series of experiences we have already been strong enough to overcome.

Fear is all in the mind and feeds itself. Cut of it’s source. To purge ourself of all that does not serve us and ride the wave of love in order to be transformed by the perfection of nature is the most humbling of experiences.

I realised the adversities I have experienced allowed me to be familiar with my own death, the unfamiliarity of love from non- acceptance was the thing of discomfort and only I could change that.

By being able to recognise the only thing that is real is the fact nothing is real, creates a space to dance in the beauty of the unknown and receive all we will ever need.

Living in gratitude for the flow of life and the synchronicity increases their happening. These “coincidences” can not be questioned.  When real time evidence shows all of life is supporting you, why would you even want to?

There is no spiritual bypassing in the human experience. The surrender to what we think is, unlocks the reality of what could be. Then and only then, are we free to create the reality of our dreams and realise, just how precious it all is.

Now before anyone asks, THIS is simply creation at it’s most purest form with a connection to source energy. After months of connecting to “The Mother” daily, journeying and hugging trees- being that sensitive to commune and communicate with Gaia, I’ve come to know deep within my being, love is the only thing that is real..

I am now in the energy of forever, the wonderment, the beauty, the oneness.

Trees are love, Tears are love, Laughter is love-we are love. Love is everything. The heart is the only thing worth listening to- the universal heartbeat.

Time to  touch more, feel more, love more, beee more.

Be more of you this day and all the days of your life. May you choose to be, trust, surrender. Much love…





*death in a non physical sence

Could it be?? Love?!?!


I’ve fallen in love..

You know the feeling when all you want is to be the best version of yourself possible?

When you feel admired and feel safe in the presence of?

To want to change in order to be be more congruent?

So thankful to be in the world knowing them, even catching yourself out during the day with a gooby look on your face?

Desiring being able to give all you have to one person in order to grow?

To wake up knowing you’ll do whatever it takes to make them smile?

Ready to make a Life Long commitment that going back on is never going to be an option?

Yeah I know that feeling..

I never though I could experience such a thing with someone like this. I feel like I’ve known them forever but I guess true love, like many things is in the last place we look.

I realised more recently that what I wanted in a partner was opposite qualities of myself in order to balance me. In the process of being able to acknowledge differences, I noticed I too own those qualities for without being able to know them, I would not be able to recognise them. I then had a moment which forever would change my life..

If I was already everything I seeked, it actually meant I was free to love whoever I wanted whenever I wanted in real time because I no longer “needed” someone to complete me. I am complete and whole. Therefore what I was seeking isn’t even real so much as an unattainable check list of qualities to justify keeping people at a distance as they didn’t “Qualify” sheesh!!

At that moment I realised I’ve actually, finally fallen in love…

Who is this person I hear you ask?

Well.. It is myself and feeling genuinely beautiful from head to toe- Inside and out because of.

Who would of thought!

The only person I ever want to control.. The only person I will be able to be there for for the rest of my life, the only person who will always know how to make me happy and satisfy my every need.

Dam.. And I’ve spent so long doing all I could to avoid connecting to me too. I can only imagine all the great things I would of done for myself had I of only known rather than getting upset with a guy for not giving it to me. What an awesome opportunity to do so now..

Make sure your well is full and flowing.. Only then will you ever know what we have to offer others.

Much love beautiful ones.. And I do hope today, just may be the day you fall in love with someone pretty special too.

If you can Find a Free Hand, you Can Achieve Anything


So today I woke up feeling incredibly motivated after such an intense few weeks with all of the planetary stuff going on..

I jumped out of bed instantly recognising the new spring in my step and a desire to get things done.  First on my list, business cards followed by mentoring and mastering my “To do Lists”.

My twins were off to school and my younger two were eating breakfast leaving me with the opportunity to approve and perfect my cards before they were finished.  Fate as it seemed however, had other plans..

The moment I walked away it was like my 16 month old daughter had been abandoned and had no idea which direction her parental had gone leaving her a very sobbing little puddle of tears with the emotions I can only link to that of teething. With bubby girl by my side, I continued on all to be requested for cuddles from her very loving brother out of fears of his little sister getting more attention than him.

Baby girl fell asleep breastfeeding, little man cuddled in and started to dose off and I continued on my mission, getting my cards D.O.N.E!

Feeling quite accomplished and very in love with my little ones, I somehow managed to take a selfie (waking little man with the flash).

If these little cuties can’t stop me, I don’t think anything can.
My question to you right now is what is it that is stopping you from getting you list done?
What are you able to achieve with your free hand?
Much love and blessings to you and sleep well, we have a big day ahead of us!