**Soul Confessions**

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I do Shamanic Healings, Psychic Readings, Medical Intuitive Scans, Speak on the Infinite Mind, NewNormal Love/Relationships, Channel Raw Cakes for events, facilitate Gaia Heart Connection Sessions and Big Goal Coaching..


I teach Extraordinary Trust in the Universe, how to see the Absolute Beauty in all thing and encourage people to embrace all of themselves as the beautiful, perfect little messes we all are and can be.


And share that none of what has happened TO us matters so long as your heart still beats in your chest. Each day is a clean slate to start something new..


HOWEVER.. A huge part of me, so much so that my highest value around personal relationships has been to ask one question, and one question only..  “Would this person be able to support me with my business and still be able to party with me?”


Since I was 16 (maybe younger), I’ve gone to raves, dance parties and everything inbetween.. I’ve experienced the highs and lows, lost myself from going too deep and somewhere, within it all, found my FREEDOM, found the PURE LOVE THAT I AM and found myself..


The community, the people, the shared passion of the music.. The network that I was able to tap into even when moving interstate and having made friends through my Adelaide connections.


To this day, I LOVE more than possibly anything else, to go to those places most “Spiritual” people choose not to venture because of the darkness found there (predominantly Ice, Amphetamines, bad pills). I hold no need to indulge, and take my place as the Alchemist and watch the negative lighten, breaking thing up energetically (if possible) before things happen.


And the love, joy and freedom within these scenes is just as real as any drumming circle or meditation I have ever attended.. truly.


It’s interesting to me that I have held guilt around being a mother and holding a secret love, beyond that which is expected of mothers and yet, my home is most abundant with love when I turn up the music, dance as I clean and be the full expression of myself. My children laugh and feed off that frequency.


So many times I’ve said I’m done with it all, all for months later the music to call me back. It’s in my blood, my dna, my breath as much as nature itself..


This is my nature. Singing, dancing, having adventures, sharing, connection, being in nature and love bring me the greatest joy.. This is who I am. And we can be respected for being ALL of who we are..


Possibly the longest status ever!




Watch “Wilkinson – Afterglow (BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend 2014)” on YouTube

Secrets to the Most Sexy Moment Of My Life..

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Something happened to me as a slept last night.. It may have been that I spent the day with Inspiring women.. It may have been that I slept well or the hypnosis audio I listen to at night is finally doing something or maybe I dreamed of something that helped me remember myself..

However, a realisation has come to me..

Those of us who, though not needing, but are open to the potentiality of Intimate Love, seem to be so keen on choosing a partner based on “What feels comfortable”. I however am coming to realise, if it feels comfortable, you are playing safe and safe is never safe..

Safe is not inspiring.. Having “fixed roles” is restrictive and has no room for

Expansion.. Growth.. Self Discovery..

BORING And the irony, that safe perspective lacks the stimulation to maintain something that inspires the other to want more.. More… MORE..

I saw a man the other day, I did not speak with him so much as exchange a 2 second smile.

He awoken something in me.

His presence was that like a tree, so solid, so grounded and incredibly strong and manly in a way that reeked Authenticity, Self Knowing and Raw Masculine Power.

I was in actual awe of this man – not in a “want to enjoy him physically” so much as total admiration.

I have no idea who he is, what he does, if he’s married or otherwise and none of those details mattered as it was not him, so much as what he symbolised to my conscious mind and an appreciating that something within me had been stimulated..

At that moment, I realised I wanted to choose the Adversity to be the type of woman that will have my first waking moment completely honouring a man of that perceived calibre, deserving of my admiration as I am to him.

This morning I feel like I am that woman.. One who is ready to let go of boys, let go of comfort, let go of “Safe” and experience something actually good enough to this Wild, Wicked, Women Authenticity I feel right now..

IMAGINE.. Being challenged to be a better version of yourself every day knowing the only way to be able to have his love is if you are 100% true to yourself.

IMAGINE.. Giving off such a Strong Frequency that others respected the bond as much as you both do..

IMAGINE.. Making choices EVERY DAY that YOU ARE WORTHY of that which you have in your life.. Only ever questioning to ask ones self, “What Else Is Possible?”

IMAGINE.. Being that WILDLY AUTHENTIC, that by your presence alone, others have no choice but to be inspired..

DAM! Now I’m even turning myself on..

If a partner DOESN’T INSPIRE YOU, doesn’t create the desire to out-do the sexy self you were yesterday and embody the sensuality you are today, are we selling ourselves short..?

We’ve all cried from the boys, time to be Challenged By A Man, and too, create a desire for boys to want to own more of their Wickedly Authentic selves too.

Playing small and safe is so 2014..

It’s not time to bring sexy back.. It’s time to..

Embody Sensuality from a place of Self-Knowing-Unapologetic-Farking-Raw-Authenticity..

Who’s coming with me?

(No pun intended)

12 Slap In the Face Lessons From The Surf…

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SURFING Ne ne ne ne ne ne *Surfing*

I recently had the privilege in investing in a 4 week Surf-Coaching Adventure with Phillip Henseler of waveofyourlife.com

Over the 4 week, I learned some pretty epic lessons and below are the top 12 lessons from the Surf…

  1. The Ocean does not care WHO you think you are.. It is the most AMAZING neutraliser of ego I’ve ever had.. It’s not a place to think, it’s a place to surrender..
  2. Sometimes you just need to shift your positioning… If you are not positioned correctly, you can not launch yourself into the experience you seek…
  3. When the big waves (opportunities) come along, you have 2 choices-dive in or get wiped out…  So what do you choose? Do you give your all or are you busy building sandcastles watching others?
  4. It’s easy to be Intimidated by those who have been doing it longer HOWEVER, you have just as much right to put yourself out there and the ones who are actually good love having some healthy competition..
  5. It’s more fun to catch a wave and give it your all than it is to be wiped out by not trying.. If you’re putting yourself out there, do what you’re there to do – no one is counting your “perceived failures” and if they are, do they deserve a position in your future?
  6. There will be bruises.. Life is not always an elegant ride to the end.. The bumps and bruises make us stronger and too, show us what we’re made of. They’re very grounding…
  7. If you give up, you only disappoint yourself.. I know it’s hard at times.. I know how it feels. But, you can not be upset with anyone for disappointing you if you make it your mission to disappoint yourself. SERIOUSLY.
  8. You are stronger than you think.. 
  9. Once you get a taste of what you want (result) determination kick into overdrive.. your mission shall you choose to accept it, is to stick around long enough to see them.
  10. Only you can make the choice to STAND UP.. You know, that life you’re wanting to live..? What if it’s waiting for you? What if the world needs you to own that right now?
  11. If you’re not enjoying the Adventure, what are you doing with your life? As a friend of mine used to say, never take life too seriously, we never get out alive 😉
  12. When fun is your goal, failure isn’t even a word. I tried to judge which waves would take me to the experience I seeked and I was always caught by surprise so I laughed lots and discovered my joy.

Now I have reclaimed my love for the ocean and joy, I hope you choose to make a choice to do the same.. Now is the time to catch “The Wave of Your Life”.

Peace ✌

Do NOT read this blog.. I’m TOTALLY BUSTED!!


Well, you seem to not be able to follow instructions.. Good.. You’re my type of people so read on, but first, a confession.. It has been nearly 6 months since my last blog.. I have soooo much to get out so please, bare with me.. 😉

For the last 6 months, I have been settling into a new state (both physically and mentally), moving and decided it was time to put my big girl panties (that word gaaa!) on and get a haircut and get a “Real Job”.

So I did just that… For the last 6 months I have been running LinkedIn Accounts, Writing Copy, Co-Hosting Events and a lot of Customer Relations style things in the background for a wonderful mentor of mine with a mammoth vision. I felt like being part of something bigger than myself was well worth giving up the Lifestyle Business I had grown to love and I believed that. It was with great gratitude that I participated in literally building (from painting to laying carpet tiles, ripping up lino and creating a roof Jungle whilst dangling like a monkey) a centre from the ground up with a team of people I both love and respect.

Many events have been held and many more to come.. Always an honor to be a part of it..

Until.. My employer approached me with a question.. Or maybe it was a statement.. The moment seems like a blur.. All I remember was “Kiarna, you are an Entrepreneur”. SH!T.. I’d been trying my hardest to fit the box and be a “Good Employee” but nope, caugh out..

You see, the good thing with amazing employers is their ability to be able to put people into “Task Appropriate Roles” and have a really clear definition as to what each persons roll both is and how that fits into the overall puzzle which is the Company. An entrepreneur is a pain to employ.. The ideas don’t stop.. And they’re not always congruent to your grander vision.. So like a tiger, unleashed from a cage, I picked myself up, brushed myself off annnnd celebrated the freedom of being allll of me again.. How liberating.. ❤

The point of the story is this.. You can’t hide from who you truly are. You’re not fooling anyone.. And why would you want to when being true to you is the ONLY thing you are ACTUALLY required to do in this lifetime..

How does it get ANY better than that?

Not all employers are as switched on.. If you would like to discus whether or not you too could actually be an Entrepreneur, please just message me.. What are you waiting for?

From my big, open heart to yours,

Kiarna Ella ❤

The Perfection of Being


I’ve come to realise, the change I’ve undertaken from moving to the Gold Coast from Adelaide more than just a change in location.

It is embracing the unknown with total trust and surrender.

It is being surrounded by life, beauty, perfection..

It is knowing my family and I are 100% safe and protected-not by anything external, but by holding a deep internal knowing.

As I navigate my path on new streets, connecting the dots, new neuropathways connect.

As I travel, my body changes to suit its environment. My heart already overwhelmed with gratitude for the experience we call life.

As I continue to climb to the peak, I realise I need to climatize, breathe in every moment not to pace so much as integrate each step. No one ever climbed Mount Everest by going straight to the top.

To have it all right now would cause a freak out as our life has already changed in such a huge way that I’d end up back in Adelaide because it was too much to handle.

What if right now, all our job was is to be in this moment? Look back on all we’ve achieved knowing how far we’ve come in such a short period of time. Breathing. Being.

Maybe the perfection lies in trusting the process in order to know we are exactly where we need to be, doing exactly as we need to do.

Please share your thoughts on where you are right now.

Much love from my heart to yours ♡♡

11 steps to embracing changing times as a Man


A lo

t of men are feeling challenged by the concept of the “Feminine Rising”. A lot of relationships lines now being blurred man feeling abandoned, left high and dry.

Gone for many, are the days of the men being the “Bread Winner”, woman as “Domesticated”.

Women now hold some of the top roles and are owning their experience.

A lot of the “Household Chores” are now being outsourced hense the expansion/demand on services like cleaners, childcare, petcare, etc.

A lot of construction jobs are drying up, only so much new infastructure that can be created in order to maintain the external ecconomy. A lot of office jobs being outsourced in order to increase profits.

So what can a man do in order to Survive the changes? Below are my top tips for embracing it all!

1. Can you see how re-skill with your hidden talent May be a solid choice right now?. The thing that makes your heart sing- the thing you may have been told was stupid that you gave up on years ago.

2. Understand we all hold a feminine energy. Its the crazy, unapologising power within all of us,

man and woman alike.

3. Embracing it doesn’t mean you’re less of a man

. In fact the most genuionly manly men are the ones who do. The more you embrace your feminine the more your masculine has space created to expand.

4. Remember, we all start out as women (thats why we all have nipples). It’s simply a genetic mutation changing the “X” chromosome into a “Y”. Therefore, you simply wear your vagina externally 😉 .

5. Realise you still hold a purpose. The evidence is that you are still breathing.

6. We may not “need” you like we once did and this is actually liberating to you. It frees you up. The job here is not to hold on tighter but to allow all to spread their wings. Possesive love is dead.

7. Honor one another by being transperant with your partner. Support each other through this time. The world is changing-we are stronger together than alone..

8. If you’re single, We’re over the lines and moves. Just be yourself and the right woman will realise how much you mean to her.

9.End of the day we are no different to you. Our hearts still beat, the blood still is pumped around our bodies, by simply being who you are with us, the breath we share just may be the one that takes our breath away.

10. It is safe to be vulnerable with the right woman. The right woman is the one beside you.

11. Though a proud woman may never say so, we do need you. Feminine rising is not about overcoming men but about allowing ALL to do what they want to do, be what they want to be oooooo..

I’m working with a lot of men these days that want to remember how to surrender to who they are- returning to their innocence.

You are our beautiful warriors and love you for it.

Please. Join us.

Contact me for more details.

Born Free, Fly Free


For those of you who don’t know, my 4 jrs and I moved to the Gold Coast on Christmas day. Its known by all involved so can share now with abandonment.

Though part of the motivator was getting away from a situation, the crucial key needed to be moving TOWARDS something greater and being a true opportunist- taking it as they come.

I can not embrace my own freedom whilst imprisoning others..

Sooo throughout the whole process, I involved the tribe and allowed them to both choose their own path and have a voice at every point. An opportunity to express their fears, joys, laughter and tears- honoring them, each moment becoming closer As a family.

It’s completely humbling as a mother to know they held complete faith in me even when I had no idea myself. Even now, the choice to go back it always an option and one they are not willing to even validate.

The choice to randomly jump on a plane with my children a bag each and a suitcase-leaving everything else behind without any certainty of anything was the biggest leap of faith I’ve ever taken.

And yet, here we are a month later, we are settled (considering its the looong school holidays 😉 ), know our way around and know this is now home. A home currently full of laughter.

I’ve found forgiveness and released my fears. Ready to be of service on the next level and give all of myself to you.

The discomfort one experiences through embracing change is nothing in comparison to the victory of owning ones reality..

Those who leap never fall.. We Fly Free..

Spread your wings and *breathe*

Please share, comment, subscribe.

Would love to read how you are being the change you want to see in the world.

Peace and love as always from my heart to yours

Sunday Morning Quickie


Your life doesn’t need to be overhauled. You’re not broken, damaged, MIA.

All I would like you to do today is integrating an achievable .5° higher on the 360 degrees of your life.

This could be having a glass of water on rising, getting out of bed when you wake up, smiling at a stranger, making a call, switching a coffee for a smoothy..


If today is zero, doing .5° shift each day with compounding interest at just 6.5° (added bonus for just participating) means by December 31st you’ll be at 180° which is enough to completely turn your life around.

Just .5 of a percent each day just this year mean you integrate rather than overwhelm your system.

I’m asking you, please join me.

What is your .5° that you can do today?

How to Defrost a Frozen Heart..


Today is 7 years since I got with who was one year to the day later to be my husband.

For those of you who don’t know, its been the most intense rollercoaster of emotions; pain, fear, fun..

This morning I sent him this message

“7 years ago you became the centre of my universe.

It is this day, I release you from all guilt, shame and pain in relation to us. I forgive you with all my heart and appreciate having had the experience of you. And so, it is done. Complete.


He, a very head strong man, called me in tears, appologised and I simply said “I forgive you”. We both cried.

We acknowledge its completed.

“And I thank you my friend, I will forever hold a place for you. I dont forgive myself for all that I have done and that is my personal struggle. It is with much pain I now understand!! Goodbye to the best person I know.”

And here are the tears that had no place to fall, falling onto my new pillow in my new room, in my new home, in a new time zone with our beutiful babies by my side.

I now understand. If the last 7 years have been simply to teach me the act of forgiveness then it is with EVERY part of me, I am grateful, I love and honor every moment, surrender to my tears and release.


I can not dictate what you do, nor do I want to. However, if you want to claim the truth of your being, let it go. Let go of the story. It’s done. It does not need to be remembered or brought up again.



Time to create a timeless legend of freedom, beauty and truth. Embracing innocence and pleasure. Sharing our learnings while embracing the power we hold, not over another but over whatever comes next.

It is now your mystery to master, not by re-creating or re-inventing so much as


WHO YOU ARE and What you’re here to do.

Feel. Forgive. Release. Breathe. Integrate. Create.

I love you Soul Tribe!

To honor or not to honor.. That is the question..




It’s been brought to my attention by quite a few sources now (too many to ignore) that I write a lot on relationships. The interesting thing about this is for nearly a year, I made the conscious choice to practice abstinence of the penis variety.

Just before Christmas last year, I had a situation occur with my now ex husband and made a choice that I needed his energy away from me. I was being controlled by the promise of orgasms on demand and that was not a solid basis for a relationship.

While others would happily blame the other person for the breakdown of a relationship which went pear-shaped, I choose the path less traveled of self accountability.

“I wonder what I did to contribute to this situation?” I asked myself for the first time ever and reflected with integrity.  The answer wasn’t from that week, month or even that year so much as going back to our VERY FIRST kiss.

Now how could a kiss that resulted in a 5 year marriage and two children be where I went wrong I hear you ask.. It’s quite simply a matter of intention.

Going back to 2008, I was guilty of what I refer so eloquently as giving a “pity fuck”. It’s not that he needed it, he is quite capable of getting women however, the point in which we got together, he was in a place of recovery so my “Nurses Syndrome” was triggered to the utmost with his tale of survival and betrayal. He needed me or so I told myself.

I see now the pattern of my past was that I felt sorry for people and wanted them to feel good about themselves (obviously wasn’t feeling good about me) and then would end up in a relationship because they’d stick around.

This then meant my relationships were always out of balance. Me either saving or being saved meant the energy of the relationship was set to damzel and once it’s set and everyone knows their roles, even after a year away from one another, it’s only a matter of time before people go back into them UNLESS BOTH people are conscious enough to be mindful of wanting something different.


This last year, as I’ve learned discernment, I learned, by seeing someone as damaged, I did not have the capacity to see them in their true light and even more sadly love and be loved. If I see someone as damaged, how in the WORLD am I able to acknowledge their Divine Masculine and HONOR them at the core of their being?

My ex husband had the constant battle of having to prove his worth and feeling defeated by a woman who saw him as broken and needing for the hero that was her to be there for him (ego much?!?). Once the weight of fixing someone became too much, I wanted out and for my own safety, needed to be out.

So there I was, single again and realising I hadn’t been single for longer than a month since I was 16. I needed some sexual healing even Marvin Gaye couldn’t provide.. lol

I could either keep doing as I’ve always done and dive at the first person to come (no pun intended) my way and allow them to help save me from myself (projecting it as saving them) or I could realise I am the one I’ve been waiting for and wine dine and pamper the shit out of myself. And I’ve done so more grader than I could ever ask of another. I’m actually pretty generous and seem to always know what I feel like. Awesome scenario to be in.

I started saying no to people even if my yoni was saying yes yes YES! No longer was I to be ruled by an orgasm and I’ve come to realise that being single for longer than 2 weeks doesn’t mean I’m not lovable, it actually means I am and love myself.

I’ve completely enjoyed this process, reconnecting to my heart, learning my worth, using discernment and meeting interesting people along the way which have helped me to define what I am creating for myself now.

I am able to see people as perfect, whole and complete that just need reminding of that and am finding it extremely interesting to find a man who is open to being honored in such a way. 

It is the time of Sacred Union and Divine Sexual Alchemy and I am  playing solo 😉 . Every quality I seek in someone else is simply a quality I too can own therefore I need no one. This opens me up to truely honoring someone and when we both are ready, we will experience something which moves heaven and earth. 

Now while this is no fairy tale and holds no knight in shining armour, It is a true tale of a princess who rescued herself from the dragons lair all to realise, she is actually the dragon.

Peace to the Yoni and Lingam on this day and all the days of your life.. May they be honored for the perfect design that they are.

❤ ❤ ❤