11 Year of Marriage – To Myself!

Strong-Bride-Funny-WeddingHappy 11th Year Self Marriage Day to meeeeee!

On the 8th of the 8 2008 I heard how many people in Asia were getting married.

Being single, in true “Kiarna Style” (yes, its a thing) I didn’t want to miss out on the portal of love which was opened so I decided to commit to me.

To Love,
To Honor 
and to Hold,

In temporary sickness and in Epic Health,
For Richer or paw-er (meow)

Until death do my Flesh and Soul Part.

To Commit to me.

And what better way to Celebrate than by honoring my purpose surrounded by dear friends and a couple thousand other people at the National Achievement Congress listening to Kerwin Rae, Jules Lund, Adam Hudson, Grant Cardone and the fucking legend himself – Gary V!!!!

I felt called to share something the only female speaker of the day shared – The very stunning Elena Cardone.

She spoke on her relationship with Grant.

Being raised to be a strong Independent woman, before Grant she thought Marriage was about friendship and monogamy.

She realised in order to live the life she wanted to live, she needed to focus on what she wanted to create.

To build an empire, there was certain questions she was to ask herself.

One of which was in regards to the qualities a man would need to have in order for her to be with one man, and one man only for the rest of her life.

The second, IF SUCH A MAN EXISTS, What Does He want from his partner?

She realised she needed to step up to who she was becoming in order to meet her match.

Part of this included becoming a “Gold Digger” one who digs for gold, WITHIN HERSELF.

She stated I will always land on my feet, I’m tenacious, have courage, honor, respect, discipline.

I know Myself, you can take anything from me and I will just come back stronger and 2x faster..

Anything you want and are willing to work for is achievable.

There came a point in time where she realised she needed to let go of the old self in order to be what she is becoming within the relationship. To be vulnerable, to trust to invest and therefore rely in others.

The result, a man who let her be bigger than she was, who always delivered, who always shows up, never let her down and merged missions with to share the bigger picture while being each others biggest fans.

That takes courage!

To have all bets on each other and shared goals.

I am now ready to call in the version of me which deserves the man i am calling in.

So in this moment, I will love, honor and respect who I am becoming and the journey ahead with full Courage.

I can feel it.

Are You Suffering with “Social Amnesia”?

Each day, you do what you are told in order to “Be Happy, Be Successful, Be (insert word)” and yet, you’re starting to no longer be capable of ignoring a sensation or feeling deep within you.
You feel the discontent in life when you live >>>
-Striving for what everyone else told you a successful life looks like
-Have it all and STILL feeling completely unsatisfied.
I don’t know about you but even as a child I was Intuitively helping people to Discover their Purpose, Heal, be the Council for another and was a Massive Activist – I fought hard for what I believed in.
So when I woke up one day in bed with the perceived (externally) “Perfect Life” – no fight left in me, I was actually shocked and scared by how I had become a shadow of what my younger self saw for me. And there wasn’t necessarily anything wrong – but equally, not much right was happening either.
I could no longer handle “playing happy” when inside my soul was SCREAMING for more, Something Real, Something Meaningful, Something of Substance.
Inside I felt like there was no point to”being” because inside, I felt dead anyway. Going with the flow and doing as I was told (for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE) became my prison. I realised, when we don’t choose, others choose for us!
Dis-empowered, Broken, Empty, I  realised I could no longer go on like that but had no idea how to change it or if anyone would be left to love me (or who I was pretending to be-
Assumingly FOR them) as I made some hard choices – some choices for me.
Thing is, if you’re not living your life, you’re living a lie – And that lie hurts EVERYONE!
What IF there was another option?
Would you take it and jump into your own Truth?
You have a galaxy of possibilities within you. 
Just waiting.. For YOU”
Skip forward two years, I have now created a life aligned with that which my younger self saw for me and my inner smiles are activated. My children are happier and my family is functioning better than ever before.
When we choose to follow “Our Truth”(discovering what that means along the way) and become dedicated to that (always being a goal; not a destination) it is no longer a choice to live anything beyond a life that brings you joy or learning more about yourself.
Do you want to know what your life would look like if you now decided to break-through the programming and conditioning of not living Your Truth?
I believe we all hold a unique key and when all of us learn what that key is and how to use it, we will unlock the change we want to see in the world.
Your role now – Discover YOUR KEY
What you choose to do next doesn’t have to be a challenge, nor strenuous. Small changes will be implemented and big changes – naturally begin to occur simply by asking yourself,
“Out of all the infinite possibilities out there, what do I need for me today?”
When you do this often enough, AND take action, you discover how to silences the sensation of discontent so you can experience the simplicity of manifesting through deep gratitude.
Remember who you REALLY are. Be True, Be You.
Wildly Yours in Truth, Power and Love
Kiarna Ella ❤
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How to Get the Message without Giving Your Power Away

On thing I have found incredibly interesting within the “Psychic Arena” is the amount of people giving their power away to others who use the words




The thing is, whatever they say, when you pay them for, creates them as an authority OVER you. It also signifies that everything is already set and you are just the puppet awaiting all to unfold for you.What this means for you is you either listen and create or resist and create. (the mind hey!!)

It’s called “Hypnotic Suggestion”. Now you know – be mindful!

So I have been a Psychic Clearing Oracle (under many other names) my whole life.

I do my readings very differently.

While a lot of others want to be the expert and tell you what the future holds, I share what options are presenting to you right now so you know what is the best next step. What this means for you is that you make an aligned move (or not) in the direction that serves your Ultimate Highest Will and Good. AND it requires YOU being responsible for your choice to take action.

By tuning into your Higher Self, my ego doesn’t need to prove anything, understand the details, nor hypnotically suggest how it is GOING TO BE.  I just share what it there. Nothing is set in stone. You choose the adventure so why ruin the experience?

I have created a tool to help you to connect into simple messages so you know what your Higher Self wants you to know – AND take the required action.

If you would like to utilise this tool for yourself, please go to http://www.gatherchange.com/doseofreality and order yours now!

Much love, Peace and Gratitude,

Kiarna Ella ❤

What if You’re not Depressed?

I have been in a position where I had to experience my own Healing Abilities on myself and I have come to the conclusion – Healing requires A LOT of energy!

I have been having nanna naps around 3pm and then going to bed early and not feeling very energetic during the day. My best friend has become my blanky and I for the first time ever, being “stuck at home” is not making me feel trapped.

All of this could quite easily be perceived as depression.

I created this video the other day – The first one Since Flipping my Van, and while it is a little “All-Over-The-Place” the key parts of info may be helpful for you.

Key Points

  1. Healing Requires a LOT of Energy – Instead of trying to “Fight Depression” what if you just give yourself the time required to heal?
  2. Feel Your Feelings – Feeling your feelings clears it out of your body – the better we surrender to the moment, the better it releases and means you no longer have to feel it – EVER AGAIN
  3. Let Your Friends Feel Their Feelings – Let them Know they are loved and supported but learn to feel comfortable in the uncomfortable. Trying to “cheer them up” can rob them of the blessing within their sadness
  4. PERCEIVED “Bad Things” can happen even when in a Positive State –things can go haywire in order for us to learn the lesson required.
  5. What If Clarity Isn’t Always Clear? Loosing all of my business Tools in the process of this experience when I was feeling so certain has really got me questioning, how Certain IS Cetain? Is there something Bigger install for me??

I’ll keep this blog super short as I am going to get back to Healing myself.

Peace and Love my friends ❤

Be the Mother Farqing Seed!


It’s time to say goodbye!

I have been hiding, hiding behind nude-ity, hiding behind busy. Using a word as a hook, not realising it was anchoring me deep into a sea. STUCK; trying to navigating who is open to learning vs who is a Misogynist without any hope of converting in the time I have free to share with them.

The Men (some) in the West like dogs with their lipstick hanging out – (some) Men in the Middle East – Infuriated and somehow tracking me down just so they can spill their hate towards me for being a woman with a voice and vulnerability.

It’s odd to me that a womans body can invoke emotions that transcend anything beyond appreciation of Art and Grace.

It saddens me like you would not believe that men in this world can still operate in this way. This blog is not to hate on men – it is not their fault after all, it is what WE ALL ACCEPT DAY IN AND DAY OUT and I am here to bring attention into how far we have yet to come.

In a society that still treats women as sexual objects and belittling any strong woman with a message – a lot of us are all playing small in order to not be targeted.

The safe options for a Woman with a message is to take on a masculine persona or become a Bombshell – object of perceived sluttiness or a “Goddess”  in order for people to be able to quantify who you are in the world – yet I subscribe to none.

> I have refused to be the bombshell and put all my self worth into being as intimidatingly, mainstream style of beautiful as I can – no fake nails, tan, hair extensions, eyelashes, surgery or botox is ever going to make you beautiful (I can share with you what does).


> I have refused to wear the pant suit and shave (more than the side of my) head in order to be taken seriously by men who can’t operate in full effect with a woman in the room.


> I refuse to be the Goddess and put myself on a pedestal whilst being a (non-goddess)woman hating, man loathing creature that demands your worship in order to feel worthy. Seriously, This is not liberation!


So here’s the truth, I hold a value on beauty – not because a magazine told me how that was “Supposed to Look” so much as observing the beauty all around us in Nature and being in love with the feminine form. There is so much Innocence, so much Wisdom to share and this can be a heavy place to find yourself.

Everything I ever do is an expression of me and yet I hid behind my uniqueness like creating a new box would give me the freedom to be perceived as something more – be perceived as who I am and yet, not sharing my message candidly because there’s only so much mainstream can take..

I learned to play by your rules and conformed to my own personal prison which allows for me to look different but still boxing my mind and heart. Inside RAGES at the injustice of how WE ALL TREAT EACH OTHER – but you all seem happy being like this?!?

I created a deck of cards so truth could be share and insights held and yet, They have become another tool and for me something to hide behind and not be true to the words that really want to spill from my lips – A Dose Of Reality Oracle Cards are for you – to help you become in-tune and vigilant to what is happening in your life.

(order your Deck of Cards and “6 weeks to Intuitive Course” with the “Personal Prowess” Pack HERE )

They also became something bigger than who I was prepared to share with you all. Creating the cards gifted me a “Get Out of Jail Free Card” so I didn’t feel compelled to do anymore work to plant a seed that helps you to expand and grow more into you and away from the BS. But I can not force you to see it.

The fact is, things need to change because our current ways are NOT sustainable!

Treating each other this way is not sustainable.

I was told BY A WOMAN that “a woman who dresses as I do can’t blame a man for responding in the way he does”.

Read that ^^^ again..

Here’s the truth to the biggest lesson I learned this year>>>

No matter who you are, women hold a lot of sensual energy because of above thoughts and some men are still operating from a primitive state- regardless of how you present yourself, If you refuse to embrace WHO YOU ARE, others will use that power against you.

What I am saying is that it is not smart in this day and age to not be in your power.

I learned in a moment, how important it was to be true to all aspects of me because if wearing a longer dress and a poncho can’t keep you safe, being who you actually are is THE ONLY WAY!

What Does this mean to you exactly?

This is a Shout Out to those who want to be Free and Encourage your Own Expression of Freedom; the Rebels, the Dancers, the Misfits, The Wild Women, The Artist, Poets, Players and Party People, The DJ’s and Pioneers and Writers

Past, Present and Future >>

  • Who have a Gift to Share
  • Who experience the Shit and are still a HeartFelt Beings
  • Who say Fuck that Shit – What’s next?
  • The Eagles brought up in Chicken Coops
  • Who See as I see in the World
  • Who are sick of fuckers taking Advantage
  • Who Can not play Small Long enough to make it Stick
  • Who’s Integrity and Courage is worth Dying for (even if it’s just their hair 😉 )
  • The ones who know the World is fine it’s us that risk extinction
  • Who know there is a better way that we can operate in the World

Beyond all the Programming, Conditioning and Hype

It’s time to strip it down further, go deeper into a place where all can not be misperceived. Our intention is clear and whilst respecting each persons individual path, Being the Change We Want to SeeD in the World – The change we know each of us are, please have a Chat with me! Click here

Lets make Your Mission Your Message and fuck shit up before they fuck shit up!

Now is a time to go back to innocence, it’s time to Be The Seed!


Peace, Love and Lightening to you all!

Kiarna Ella

P.S. #BeTheSeed on Social Media to share how you are making an Impact.

How to Experience the Trinity and the truth about the “White Light”


I share this story with the beauty in which it was given to me to share.

The other day, I was outside. It was INCREDIBLY bright outside, however, when I looked up, there was massive cloud coverage. The clouds where tapping into the powerful light of the sun, dispensing it, making it whiter but not allowing the sun to shine its soul nourishing warmth on us. It was still cold – but so so bright!

I then connected down into the Earth. There was the smallest, perceived almost insignificant little snail. The thing that really got me about this snail is that its shell was COMPLETELY TRANSPARENT!

It was going along, coming out of its shell, going back in as it went along doing what snails do, however, whether in its shell or out of, I could see it, all of it.

Now in comparison to the other creatures, it would be quite easy to overlook it, it wasn’t demanding my attention but was so grounded and connected to the earth.

The Earth is so beautiful and provides us with all we could ever need. The organic nature is peace and nurturing – however, we experience so much that is not that in order to take us away from that connection.

Now, to get to the point, I was not able to connect to the sun that day and the shadow of the “White light” is that it was not providing the warmth.

I feel like life is like this at the moment, we are all so seduced by the white light that we don’t even ask if it is making us warmer..

What if the White Light is distracting us from our true nature?

With 90% of the spiritual teachings I have undergone I was taught, in order to protect ones self, we simply, surround ourselves by the white light and all will be OK. My question is, what is the white light REALLY protecting us from??

The teachings I have now had have simply encouraged me to connect to the Earth first, speak with her, listen, as I tap into my heart and receive the golden rays of the sun on my heart. From this space I am untouchable.

The White Light is a shield of seduction for those who are scared to connect to something that will bring true warmth into your life.

True protection comes from the heart and is expanded outwards so we will never need anything more. We are so much more powerful than what even the “New Age Religion” wants us to know.

In “Religion” we are taught that the Trinity is with the Father, the Sun and the holy ghost.

In “New Age” we are taught it is with the Earth, Sun and Moon. As a sovereign be-ing, I do not feel truth in this. What if the moon is the illusion to distract you from your heart?

If you tune into the moon, though it can be seductively beautiful at times, it is much like the cloud coverage and provides no warmth.

What I found interesting whilst studying Hormones one day is that our bodies require a certain amount of darkness every night – no phones, no alarm clocks light, moon, Pure Darkeness in order to produce Melatonin.

Why does that matter? Well Melatonin is what we all need in order to alleviate moments of depression, anxiety, enhance weight loss, is a powerful antioxidant and is anti-aging (from a health perspective – not vanity).

The “Light” epidemic and our attachment to (moon included) has created a Synthetic version of Melatonin being created in the Pharmaceutical market place. Are you getting it? All we have to do is be in the darkness in order to not have to experience darkness in our lives.

I feel for the animals who have no choice in this – no wonder they’re all suddenly eating one another!

This means what we should endeavor to protect ourselves from is Light that does not bring us Warmth – beyond that, we have nothing to protect ourselves from when we are connected to the the true Trinity.

The true Trinity is

The Power of the Sun, coming down into our Hearts, and then us sharing that with the Earth whilst listening to her song.

This is how we all hold the power to dissolve the things that do not need to happening in the world. The fact that false light is protect us from what we are all seeking as humans and that, at the core of our being may just be as simple as to love and be loved.

Allow the sun to warm your heart, receive, set the intention and then share it with the Earth. Do this daily and you will see it make a difference in every aspect of your life.

Right now, my request is simple, PLEASE start to utilise this technique. Allow it to help you connect with each other and the True Trinity.

Check in with the Earth, go outside barefoot and ask yourself the question. You will know my intention is pure. Only ego brings up doubts as we transition into this new way of being in the world. Time to break free of the self imposed prison of deceit.

Let the rays of the Sun warm your heart by day, the power of darkness to fall upon you at night.

Time to release the Seduction of the False light and connect into who you are at the core!

Be like the Snail  😉 ❤

I love you!

P.S. In order to help you dissolve this paradigm you can book a complimentary session with me through calendly.com/kiarnaella

Or get a deck of “A Dose of Reality Oracle Cards” to find your own way at gatherchange.com/doseofreality


“The False Light and The Creatures that Reside there”

How To Get Your Nude On

Been a while since I have written a blog.

I’ve come to realise in an attempt for my Marketing and Media to meet up and match my Me-ness has been taking it’s toll on my ability to connect to my ability to write from the heart and share with those who matter most, you!

I have rebranded, diced the hair and come up with a new logo and Catch Phrase and exploring what happens next.

In Celebration of The Launch of The Nude Oracle, I thought it would be quite timely to share with you my top 10 Tips to Get Your Nude on in your Own Life.

  1. Never Apologise for showing up Vulnerably — Feel your feelings and let others know where they stand
  2. Be Self Responsible — Only You Can choose what happens next for you
  3. Get Out of Your Own Way — Stop Blaming others for what you are choosing to do in your own life
  4. Stop Asking For Permission — You’re an adult – I hereby give you permission to be exactly who you want to be in the world!
  5. Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin — Wear what you want to and learn to wear it with Pride
  6. Confidence is Your Best Ass-et — Shake that booty and wiggle when you walk
  7. Get Down With Your Ego — If you can learn to get your ego to serve your heart, it will never do you wrong and will always get shit done
  8. MOVE your Shit — Allow your body to move the way only you can. Connecting into the movement of your body taps you in to something so raw and Powerful!
  9. Embrace Your Power — Feel it rising up inside of you and taking over your whole body- here you are Infinite!
  10. Get Sensual — Touch your skin like you would that of a long lost lover, make it all so grounded in your infinite being that you will never accept anything less ever again.

So I’m all linked up and testing this out late at night, will no doubt be refreshing this but for now, time to see if all links up!

I loooove guiding you to get your Nude On and even more Expose You to the Possibilities in your life.

If you would like to receive a complimentary Oracle Reading please Click Here!

Love you lots and bye for now!


Kiarna Ella – The Nude Oracle <3<3 ❤


How to Find your Light in the Darkness



I have lived a “Intense” life..  Moreso than what most may assume about me.

Some of it was life happening “To me” in early years, other stuff was what I created in order to have excitement in day to day life, or simply from living life “by default”.

I decided to write this blog, without holding much knowing as to where it was going and just from a humbleness of simply, what I have learned in the process.

There is so much New Age wank that tells you to not entertain your fears or sadness or despair – surrender to the universe, do not even let negativity enter your mind or you will get sick and die! (Sounds a bit biblical doesn’t it??)

I am here, telling you now, there are sooooooooo many gifts within your sadness, within your pain, within your heartache. I am not suggesting to live there, I am suggesting to pay the sensation you are feeling some attention so it can be heard.

I don’t know about you but there have been times in my life where I have felt like nobody cares, nobody wants to listen and have ended up stamping my feet until someone paid attention. I think pain is much like that! If you choose not to listen, it will get more and more intense until BAM!

So now, what if by listening – giving it sometime means it will feel heard and forever, subside – you holding the gift of its wisdom that remains and that being all you needs to dissolve it?

Here’s what to do

  1. Go sit outside in Nature
  2. Connect into your heart (see video bellow for direction)
  3. Ask your body what it is feeling
  4. Ask your body where it is feeling it
  5. Sit in the sensation – hands on it if possible
  6. Ask what it wants to teach you
  7. Sit and listen – even if you can’t here anything consciously
  8. Continue to breathe
  9. Feel it pop

The topic of guilt is now coming to mind. What if, the things that have happened to you are not because you are bad or were bad in a previous life? What if the world, our beautiful Mother -simply wanted to experience our level of compassion, our level of love, our level of bravery – to carry on?

I have shared with many over the years that in some Native American Tribes, there is no word for past, or future; All they have is now. How would your life be different if you were to love yourself enough to




I have now settled into my peace and realised I am recognising I am creating what is happening/or not in my world from here on in and I am now aware and share with you, from the deepest, darkest avenues of myself

, the greater the experience of darkness – the further the pendulum also swings in the opposite direction.

Imagine how different you life world be if there was only now – and so long as now is safe, peaceful, loving etc etc – that this was all you could hold?

I love you lets see how you can get the best out of whatever comes next for you at


Light Up the Darkness

2016-01-22 11.41.00

It is with great love and respect to all of you that I feel compelled to share this. This comes from a place of exploring my own power and a sharing as such..

Many amongst us, choose to label ourselves  as “Light Workers”. And while the sentiment is beautiful, I observe a percentage of people then avoiding the darkness at all costs.

The darkness is what needs the light more than the light. While we continue to make each other brighter, are we actually able to call ourselves light workers?

I recently had an experience where I was in an area some would call “the wrong side of the track”. Not just low socio-economic status, but a consuming toxicity of addiction was running rampid. I could feel it.. see it.. transparently.

It was in this space, I had an option to hold fear.

Instead, I chose the path of the alchemist, I breathed in their pain, their toxicity, their fears.. And breath love into them. To feel witnessed, of value. I loved them as my own children (everyone was someone’s child at one stage ).  It was at this point, the intensity softened and I felt safe.

From here, the energy was discharged back into the earth to be transformed into something beautiful.

Long term, I hold no idea/attachments to the outcome but for that moment,  there was more light.

I have also witnessed people taken over by their shadow and trying to attach tentacles into others in order to have the safety of numbers. I spent an evening dancing whilst severing all the tentacles.


I beg of you. Please be of service where it is needed. Even short splurts into the darkness. Look the perceived devil straight in the eyes and smile.. smile with every ounce of love you’ve ever felt and shoot it straight to the core.

This is where we get to shine brightest (and leave our brothers and sisters confused in the process 😉 ) You are love, protected to venture to the darkest parts and make peace within those parts of self.

As Bob Marley himself said “Light up the darkness”.




Are you Valuing your Values?


Feeling light, Inspired, motivated and completely Blissed Out with Self Love today.

Had a moment yesterday, to reflect on my journey and those who value me being in their life and those I value. It’s pretty simple, when we operate from our highest values, we will always be able to recognise obstacles and distractions and be capable of accurately discerning what experiences we choose to hold.

For me, it works like this..

Short Term-low value (Why is this testing me?)

Short Term – High Value (What do I need to achieve now?)

Long term – Low value (How do I make the most of this?)

Long term – High Value (Who am I wanting to share my time with that supports my values?)

My highest values are Bliss, Expansion and Flow. I am sooo much more loving, playful and fun to be around when I operate from here. It is as though everything make more sense and life is so much more aligned for me.download

There are times you can be around someone and there’s not anything wrong with them nor you, but for some reason it feels restricting. The air seems thicker in their presence. You know they have a good heart but your desire to connect seems to wain…

This is the BEST indication that your values are not aligned and is a great opportunity to reflect on this together. When you know what someone else values, you are also in a place of compassion where you can know if you can match their needs or if it’s best to lovingly create a space for them to move on.

When you know what you value, not only does it help you to gravitate the people and experiences you want more of in your life but it also helps you to communicate what is important to you.

If you don’t know what you value, how can anyone else?

If you don’t hold value in what you choose to experience, isn’t everything just as you ask?

With my highest values it means if not having fun nor is it going to increase my level of joy in the future, if it doesn’t expand me or help me to be in my flow, it’s not a part of my path. In this paradigm, time is precious, use it wisely.

When you operate from this space, you come to realise, there are NO TOXIC PEOPLE. Even the “Boogy Man” seems to dissolve from your space (More on this later!).  It’s all so perfect!

Be sure to check the Lists. To Know Oneself is to Love Oneself.

Much Love, Peace and Lightening to you all.

P.S. Please comment below with your top 3. I look forward to reading them.

P.P.S If you are having difficulty, I would love to gift you 15 minutes of my time to help you navigate this and see if I can help you further.

Please contact me via kiarnaella.com/contact