Are You Suffering with “Social Amnesia”?

Each day, you do what you are told in order to “Be Happy, Be Successful, Be (insert word)” and yet, you’re starting to no longer be capable of ignoring a sensation or feeling deep within you. You feel the discontent in life when you live >>>   -Striving for what everyone else told you a successful life looks like   OR  Continue reading “Are You Suffering with “Social Amnesia”?”

How to Get the Message without Giving Your Power Away

On thing I have found incredibly interesting within the “Psychic Arena” is the amount of people giving their power away to others who use the words “Psychic” “Medium” “Clairvoyant” The thing is, whatever they say, when you pay them for, creates them as an authority OVER you. It also signifies that everything is already set andContinue reading “How to Get the Message without Giving Your Power Away”

How to Experience the Trinity and the truth about the “White Light”

I share this story with the beauty in which it was given to me to share. The other day, I was outside. It was INCREDIBLY bright outside, however, when I looked up, there was massive cloud coverage. The clouds where tapping into the powerful light of the sun, dispensing it, making it whiter but notContinue reading “How to Experience the Trinity and the truth about the “White Light””

How to Find your Light in the Darkness

  I have lived a “Intense” life..  Moreso than what most may assume about me. Some of it was life happening “To me” in early years, other stuff was what I created in order to have excitement in day to day life, or simply from living life “by default”. I decided to write this blog,Continue reading “How to Find your Light in the Darkness”

Are you Valuing your Values?

Feeling light, Inspired, motivated and completely Blissed Out with Self Love today. Had a moment yesterday, to reflect on my journey and those who value me being in their life and those I value. It’s pretty simple, when we operate from our highest values, we will always be able to recognise obstacles and distractions andContinue reading “Are you Valuing your Values?”