11 Year of Marriage – To Myself!

Strong-Bride-Funny-WeddingHappy 11th Year Self Marriage Day to meeeeee!

On the 8th of the 8 2008 I heard how many people in Asia were getting married.

Being single, in true “Kiarna Style” (yes, its a thing) I didn’t want to miss out on the portal of love which was opened so I decided to commit to me.

To Love,
To Honor 
and to Hold,

In temporary sickness and in Epic Health,
For Richer or paw-er (meow)

Until death do my Flesh and Soul Part.

To Commit to me.

And what better way to Celebrate than by honoring my purpose surrounded by dear friends and a couple thousand other people at the National Achievement Congress listening to Kerwin Rae, Jules Lund, Adam Hudson, Grant Cardone and the fucking legend himself – Gary V!!!!

I felt called to share something the only female speaker of the day shared – The very stunning Elena Cardone.

She spoke on her relationship with Grant.

Being raised to be a strong Independent woman, before Grant she thought Marriage was about friendship and monogamy.

She realised in order to live the life she wanted to live, she needed to focus on what she wanted to create.

To build an empire, there was certain questions she was to ask herself.

One of which was in regards to the qualities a man would need to have in order for her to be with one man, and one man only for the rest of her life.

The second, IF SUCH A MAN EXISTS, What Does He want from his partner?

She realised she needed to step up to who she was becoming in order to meet her match.

Part of this included becoming a “Gold Digger” one who digs for gold, WITHIN HERSELF.

She stated I will always land on my feet, I’m tenacious, have courage, honor, respect, discipline.

I know Myself, you can take anything from me and I will just come back stronger and 2x faster..

Anything you want and are willing to work for is achievable.

There came a point in time where she realised she needed to let go of the old self in order to be what she is becoming within the relationship. To be vulnerable, to trust to invest and therefore rely in others.

The result, a man who let her be bigger than she was, who always delivered, who always shows up, never let her down and merged missions with to share the bigger picture while being each others biggest fans.

That takes courage!

To have all bets on each other and shared goals.

I am now ready to call in the version of me which deserves the man i am calling in.

So in this moment, I will love, honor and respect who I am becoming and the journey ahead with full Courage.

I can feel it.

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