Are You Suffering with “Social Amnesia”?

Each day, you do what you are told in order to “Be Happy, Be Successful, Be (insert word)” and yet, you’re starting to no longer be capable of ignoring a sensation or feeling deep within you.
You feel the discontent in life when you live >>>
-Striving for what everyone else told you a successful life looks like
-Have it all and STILL feeling completely unsatisfied.
I don’t know about you but even as a child I was Intuitively helping people to Discover their Purpose, Heal, be the Council for another and was a Massive Activist – I fought hard for what I believed in.
So when I woke up one day in bed with the perceived (externally) “Perfect Life” – no fight left in me, I was actually shocked and scared by how I had become a shadow of what my younger self saw for me. And there wasn’t necessarily anything wrong – but equally, not much right was happening either.
I could no longer handle “playing happy” when inside my soul was SCREAMING for more, Something Real, Something Meaningful, Something of Substance.
Inside I felt like there was no point to”being” because inside, I felt dead anyway. Going with the flow and doing as I was told (for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE) became my prison. I realised, when we don’t choose, others choose for us!
Dis-empowered, Broken, Empty, I  realised I could no longer go on like that but had no idea how to change it or if anyone would be left to love me (or who I was pretending to be-
Assumingly FOR them) as I made some hard choices – some choices for me.
Thing is, if you’re not living your life, you’re living a lie – And that lie hurts EVERYONE!
What IF there was another option?
Would you take it and jump into your own Truth?
You have a galaxy of possibilities within you. 
Just waiting.. For YOU”
Skip forward two years, I have now created a life aligned with that which my younger self saw for me and my inner smiles are activated. My children are happier and my family is functioning better than ever before.
When we choose to follow “Our Truth”(discovering what that means along the way) and become dedicated to that (always being a goal; not a destination) it is no longer a choice to live anything beyond a life that brings you joy or learning more about yourself.
Do you want to know what your life would look like if you now decided to break-through the programming and conditioning of not living Your Truth?
I believe we all hold a unique key and when all of us learn what that key is and how to use it, we will unlock the change we want to see in the world.
Your role now – Discover YOUR KEY
What you choose to do next doesn’t have to be a challenge, nor strenuous. Small changes will be implemented and big changes – naturally begin to occur simply by asking yourself,
“Out of all the infinite possibilities out there, what do I need for me today?”
When you do this often enough, AND take action, you discover how to silences the sensation of discontent so you can experience the simplicity of manifesting through deep gratitude.
Remember who you REALLY are. Be True, Be You.
Wildly Yours in Truth, Power and Love
Kiarna Ella ❤
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