Be the Mother Farqing Seed!


It’s time to say goodbye!

I have been hiding, hiding behind nude-ity, hiding behind busy. Using a word as a hook, not realising it was anchoring me deep into a sea. STUCK; trying to navigating who is open to learning vs who is a Misogynist without any hope of converting in the time I have free to share with them.

The Men (some) in the West like dogs with their lipstick hanging out – (some) Men in the Middle East – Infuriated and somehow tracking me down just so they can spill their hate towards me for being a woman with a voice and vulnerability.

It’s odd to me that a womans body can invoke emotions that transcend anything beyond appreciation of Art and Grace.

It saddens me like you would not believe that men in this world can still operate in this way. This blog is not to hate on men – it is not their fault after all, it is what WE ALL ACCEPT DAY IN AND DAY OUT and I am here to bring attention into how far we have yet to come.

In a society that still treats women as sexual objects and belittling any strong woman with a message – a lot of us are all playing small in order to not be targeted.

The safe options for a Woman with a message is to take on a masculine persona or become a Bombshell – object of perceived sluttiness or a “Goddess”  in order for people to be able to quantify who you are in the world – yet I subscribe to none.

> I have refused to be the bombshell and put all my self worth into being as intimidatingly, mainstream style of beautiful as I can – no fake nails, tan, hair extensions, eyelashes, surgery or botox is ever going to make you beautiful (I can share with you what does).


> I have refused to wear the pant suit and shave (more than the side of my) head in order to be taken seriously by men who can’t operate in full effect with a woman in the room.


> I refuse to be the Goddess and put myself on a pedestal whilst being a (non-goddess)woman hating, man loathing creature that demands your worship in order to feel worthy. Seriously, This is not liberation!


So here’s the truth, I hold a value on beauty – not because a magazine told me how that was “Supposed to Look” so much as observing the beauty all around us in Nature and being in love with the feminine form. There is so much Innocence, so much Wisdom to share and this can be a heavy place to find yourself.

Everything I ever do is an expression of me and yet I hid behind my uniqueness like creating a new box would give me the freedom to be perceived as something more – be perceived as who I am and yet, not sharing my message candidly because there’s only so much mainstream can take..

I learned to play by your rules and conformed to my own personal prison which allows for me to look different but still boxing my mind and heart. Inside RAGES at the injustice of how WE ALL TREAT EACH OTHER – but you all seem happy being like this?!?

I created a deck of cards so truth could be share and insights held and yet, They have become another tool and for me something to hide behind and not be true to the words that really want to spill from my lips – A Dose Of Reality Oracle Cards are for you – to help you become in-tune and vigilant to what is happening in your life.

(order your Deck of Cards and “6 weeks to Intuitive Course” with the “Personal Prowess” Pack HERE )

They also became something bigger than who I was prepared to share with you all. Creating the cards gifted me a “Get Out of Jail Free Card” so I didn’t feel compelled to do anymore work to plant a seed that helps you to expand and grow more into you and away from the BS. But I can not force you to see it.

The fact is, things need to change because our current ways are NOT sustainable!

Treating each other this way is not sustainable.

I was told BY A WOMAN that “a woman who dresses as I do can’t blame a man for responding in the way he does”.

Read that ^^^ again..

Here’s the truth to the biggest lesson I learned this year>>>

No matter who you are, women hold a lot of sensual energy because of above thoughts and some men are still operating from a primitive state- regardless of how you present yourself, If you refuse to embrace WHO YOU ARE, others will use that power against you.

What I am saying is that it is not smart in this day and age to not be in your power.

I learned in a moment, how important it was to be true to all aspects of me because if wearing a longer dress and a poncho can’t keep you safe, being who you actually are is THE ONLY WAY!

What Does this mean to you exactly?

This is a Shout Out to those who want to be Free and Encourage your Own Expression of Freedom; the Rebels, the Dancers, the Misfits, The Wild Women, The Artist, Poets, Players and Party People, The DJ’s and Pioneers and Writers

Past, Present and Future >>

  • Who have a Gift to Share
  • Who experience the Shit and are still a HeartFelt Beings
  • Who say Fuck that Shit – What’s next?
  • The Eagles brought up in Chicken Coops
  • Who See as I see in the World
  • Who are sick of fuckers taking Advantage
  • Who Can not play Small Long enough to make it Stick
  • Who’s Integrity and Courage is worth Dying for (even if it’s just their hair 😉 )
  • The ones who know the World is fine it’s us that risk extinction
  • Who know there is a better way that we can operate in the World

Beyond all the Programming, Conditioning and Hype

It’s time to strip it down further, go deeper into a place where all can not be misperceived. Our intention is clear and whilst respecting each persons individual path, Being the Change We Want to SeeD in the World – The change we know each of us are, please have a Chat with me! Click here

Lets make Your Mission Your Message and fuck shit up before they fuck shit up!

Now is a time to go back to innocence, it’s time to Be The Seed!


Peace, Love and Lightening to you all!

Kiarna Ella

P.S. #BeTheSeed on Social Media to share how you are making an Impact.

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