How to Experience the Trinity and the truth about the “White Light”


I share this story with the beauty in which it was given to me to share.

The other day, I was outside. It was INCREDIBLY bright outside, however, when I looked up, there was massive cloud coverage. The clouds where tapping into the powerful light of the sun, dispensing it, making it whiter but not allowing the sun to shine its soul nourishing warmth on us. It was still cold – but so so bright!

I then connected down into the Earth. There was the smallest, perceived almost insignificant little snail. The thing that really got me about this snail is that its shell was COMPLETELY TRANSPARENT!

It was going along, coming out of its shell, going back in as it went along doing what snails do, however, whether in its shell or out of, I could see it, all of it.

Now in comparison to the other creatures, it would be quite easy to overlook it, it wasn’t demanding my attention but was so grounded and connected to the earth.

The Earth is so beautiful and provides us with all we could ever need. The organic nature is peace and nurturing – however, we experience so much that is not that in order to take us away from that connection.

Now, to get to the point, I was not able to connect to the sun that day and the shadow of the “White light” is that it was not providing the warmth.

I feel like life is like this at the moment, we are all so seduced by the white light that we don’t even ask if it is making us warmer..

What if the White Light is distracting us from our true nature?

With 90% of the spiritual teachings I have undergone I was taught, in order to protect ones self, we simply, surround ourselves by the white light and all will be OK. My question is, what is the white light REALLY protecting us from??

The teachings I have now had have simply encouraged me to connect to the Earth first, speak with her, listen, as I tap into my heart and receive the golden rays of the sun on my heart. From this space I am untouchable.

The White Light is a shield of seduction for those who are scared to connect to something that will bring true warmth into your life.

True protection comes from the heart and is expanded outwards so we will never need anything more. We are so much more powerful than what even the “New Age Religion” wants us to know.

In “Religion” we are taught that the Trinity is with the Father, the Sun and the holy ghost.

In “New Age” we are taught it is with the Earth, Sun and Moon. As a sovereign be-ing, I do not feel truth in this. What if the moon is the illusion to distract you from your heart?

If you tune into the moon, though it can be seductively beautiful at times, it is much like the cloud coverage and provides no warmth.

What I found interesting whilst studying Hormones one day is that our bodies require a certain amount of darkness every night – no phones, no alarm clocks light, moon, Pure Darkeness in order to produce Melatonin.

Why does that matter? Well Melatonin is what we all need in order to alleviate moments of depression, anxiety, enhance weight loss, is a powerful antioxidant and is anti-aging (from a health perspective – not vanity).

The “Light” epidemic and our attachment to (moon included) has created a Synthetic version of Melatonin being created in the Pharmaceutical market place. Are you getting it? All we have to do is be in the darkness in order to not have to experience darkness in our lives.

I feel for the animals who have no choice in this – no wonder they’re all suddenly eating one another!

This means what we should endeavor to protect ourselves from is Light that does not bring us Warmth – beyond that, we have nothing to protect ourselves from when we are connected to the the true Trinity.

The true Trinity is

The Power of the Sun, coming down into our Hearts, and then us sharing that with the Earth whilst listening to her song.

This is how we all hold the power to dissolve the things that do not need to happening in the world. The fact that false light is protect us from what we are all seeking as humans and that, at the core of our being may just be as simple as to love and be loved.

Allow the sun to warm your heart, receive, set the intention and then share it with the Earth. Do this daily and you will see it make a difference in every aspect of your life.

Right now, my request is simple, PLEASE start to utilise this technique. Allow it to help you connect with each other and the True Trinity.

Check in with the Earth, go outside barefoot and ask yourself the question. You will know my intention is pure. Only ego brings up doubts as we transition into this new way of being in the world. Time to break free of the self imposed prison of deceit.

Let the rays of the Sun warm your heart by day, the power of darkness to fall upon you at night.

Time to release the Seduction of the False light and connect into who you are at the core!

Be like the Snail  😉 ❤

I love you!

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“The False Light and The Creatures that Reside there”

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