How To Get Your Nude On

Been a while since I have written a blog.

I’ve come to realise in an attempt for my Marketing and Media to meet up and match my Me-ness has been taking it’s toll on my ability to connect to my ability to write from the heart and share with those who matter most, you!

I have rebranded, diced the hair and come up with a new logo and Catch Phrase and exploring what happens next.

In Celebration of The Launch of The Nude Oracle, I thought it would be quite timely to share with you my top 10 Tips to Get Your Nude on in your Own Life.

  1. Never Apologise for showing up Vulnerably — Feel your feelings and let others know where they stand
  2. Be Self Responsible — Only You Can choose what happens next for you
  3. Get Out of Your Own Way — Stop Blaming others for what you are choosing to do in your own life
  4. Stop Asking For Permission — You’re an adult – I hereby give you permission to be exactly who you want to be in the world!
  5. Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin — Wear what you want to and learn to wear it with Pride
  6. Confidence is Your Best Ass-et — Shake that booty and wiggle when you walk
  7. Get Down With Your Ego — If you can learn to get your ego to serve your heart, it will never do you wrong and will always get shit done
  8. MOVE your Shit — Allow your body to move the way only you can. Connecting into the movement of your body taps you in to something so raw and Powerful!
  9. Embrace Your Power — Feel it rising up inside of you and taking over your whole body- here you are Infinite!
  10. Get Sensual — Touch your skin like you would that of a long lost lover, make it all so grounded in your infinite being that you will never accept anything less ever again.

So I’m all linked up and testing this out late at night, will no doubt be refreshing this but for now, time to see if all links up!

I loooove guiding you to get your Nude On and even more Expose You to the Possibilities in your life.

If you would like to receive a complimentary Oracle Reading please Click Here!

Love you lots and bye for now!


Kiarna Ella – The Nude Oracle <3<3 ❤


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Kiarna Ella Enterprises CEO Where Traditional Business meets Quantum Reality Visionary and Bridge to Help you Connect to your Audience using Words and Actions that Engage and Activate.

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