How to Find your Light in the Darkness



I have lived a “Intense” life..  Moreso than what most may assume about me.

Some of it was life happening “To me” in early years, other stuff was what I created in order to have excitement in day to day life, or simply from living life “by default”.

I decided to write this blog, without holding much knowing as to where it was going and just from a humbleness of simply, what I have learned in the process.

There is so much New Age wank that tells you to not entertain your fears or sadness or despair – surrender to the universe, do not even let negativity enter your mind or you will get sick and die! (Sounds a bit biblical doesn’t it??)

I am here, telling you now, there are sooooooooo many gifts within your sadness, within your pain, within your heartache. I am not suggesting to live there, I am suggesting to pay the sensation you are feeling some attention so it can be heard.

I don’t know about you but there have been times in my life where I have felt like nobody cares, nobody wants to listen and have ended up stamping my feet until someone paid attention. I think pain is much like that! If you choose not to listen, it will get more and more intense until BAM!

So now, what if by listening – giving it sometime means it will feel heard and forever, subside – you holding the gift of its wisdom that remains and that being all you needs to dissolve it?

Here’s what to do

  1. Go sit outside in Nature
  2. Connect into your heart (see video bellow for direction)
  3. Ask your body what it is feeling
  4. Ask your body where it is feeling it
  5. Sit in the sensation – hands on it if possible
  6. Ask what it wants to teach you
  7. Sit and listen – even if you can’t here anything consciously
  8. Continue to breathe
  9. Feel it pop

The topic of guilt is now coming to mind. What if, the things that have happened to you are not because you are bad or were bad in a previous life? What if the world, our beautiful Mother -simply wanted to experience our level of compassion, our level of love, our level of bravery – to carry on?

I have shared with many over the years that in some Native American Tribes, there is no word for past, or future; All they have is now. How would your life be different if you were to love yourself enough to




I have now settled into my peace and realised I am recognising I am creating what is happening/or not in my world from here on in and I am now aware and share with you, from the deepest, darkest avenues of myself

, the greater the experience of darkness – the further the pendulum also swings in the opposite direction.

Imagine how different you life world be if there was only now – and so long as now is safe, peaceful, loving etc etc – that this was all you could hold?

I love you lets see how you can get the best out of whatever comes next for you at

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