Light Up the Darkness

2016-01-22 11.41.00

It is with great love and respect to all of you that I feel compelled to share this. This comes from a place of exploring my own power and a sharing as such..

Many amongst us, choose to label ourselves  as “Light Workers”. And while the sentiment is beautiful, I observe a percentage of people then avoiding the darkness at all costs.

The darkness is what needs the light more than the light. While we continue to make each other brighter, are we actually able to call ourselves light workers?

I recently had an experience where I was in an area some would call “the wrong side of the track”. Not just low socio-economic status, but a consuming toxicity of addiction was running rampid. I could feel it.. see it.. transparently.

It was in this space, I had an option to hold fear.

Instead, I chose the path of the alchemist, I breathed in their pain, their toxicity, their fears.. And breath love into them. To feel witnessed, of value. I loved them as my own children (everyone was someone’s child at one stage ).  It was at this point, the intensity softened and I felt safe.

From here, the energy was discharged back into the earth to be transformed into something beautiful.

Long term, I hold no idea/attachments to the outcome but for that moment,  there was more light.

I have also witnessed people taken over by their shadow and trying to attach tentacles into others in order to have the safety of numbers. I spent an evening dancing whilst severing all the tentacles.


I beg of you. Please be of service where it is needed. Even short splurts into the darkness. Look the perceived devil straight in the eyes and smile.. smile with every ounce of love you’ve ever felt and shoot it straight to the core.

This is where we get to shine brightest (and leave our brothers and sisters confused in the process 😉 ) You are love, protected to venture to the darkest parts and make peace within those parts of self.

As Bob Marley himself said “Light up the darkness”.




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