Are you Valuing your Values?


Feeling light, Inspired, motivated and completely Blissed Out with Self Love today.

Had a moment yesterday, to reflect on my journey and those who value me being in their life and those I value. It’s pretty simple, when we operate from our highest values, we will always be able to recognise obstacles and distractions and be capable of accurately discerning what experiences we choose to hold.

For me, it works like this..

Short Term-low value (Why is this testing me?)

Short Term – High Value (What do I need to achieve now?)

Long term – Low value (How do I make the most of this?)

Long term – High Value (Who am I wanting to share my time with that supports my values?)

My highest values are Bliss, Expansion and Flow. I am sooo much more loving, playful and fun to be around when I operate from here. It is as though everything make more sense and life is so much more aligned for

There are times you can be around someone and there’s not anything wrong with them nor you, but for some reason it feels restricting. The air seems thicker in their presence. You know they have a good heart but your desire to connect seems to wain…

This is the BEST indication that your values are not aligned and is a great opportunity to reflect on this together. When you know what someone else values, you are also in a place of compassion where you can know if you can match their needs or if it’s best to lovingly create a space for them to move on.

When you know what you value, not only does it help you to gravitate the people and experiences you want more of in your life but it also helps you to communicate what is important to you.

If you don’t know what you value, how can anyone else?

If you don’t hold value in what you choose to experience, isn’t everything just as you ask?

With my highest values it means if not having fun nor is it going to increase my level of joy in the future, if it doesn’t expand me or help me to be in my flow, it’s not a part of my path. In this paradigm, time is precious, use it wisely.

When you operate from this space, you come to realise, there are NO TOXIC PEOPLE. Even the “Boogy Man” seems to dissolve from your space (More on this later!).  It’s all so perfect!

Be sure to check the Lists. To Know Oneself is to Love Oneself.

Much Love, Peace and Lightening to you all.

P.S. Please comment below with your top 3. I look forward to reading them.

P.P.S If you are having difficulty, I would love to gift you 15 minutes of my time to help you navigate this and see if I can help you further.

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