**Soul Confessions**

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I do Shamanic Healings, Psychic Readings, Medical Intuitive Scans, Speak on the Infinite Mind, NewNormal Love/Relationships, Channel Raw Cakes for events, facilitate Gaia Heart Connection Sessions and Big Goal Coaching..


I teach Extraordinary Trust in the Universe, how to see the Absolute Beauty in all thing and encourage people to embrace all of themselves as the beautiful, perfect little messes we all are and can be.


And share that none of what has happened TO us matters so long as your heart still beats in your chest. Each day is a clean slate to start something new..


HOWEVER.. A huge part of me, so much so that my highest value around personal relationships has been to ask one question, and one question only..  “Would this person be able to support me with my business and still be able to party with me?”


Since I was 16 (maybe younger), I’ve gone to raves, dance parties and everything inbetween.. I’ve experienced the highs and lows, lost myself from going too deep and somewhere, within it all, found my FREEDOM, found the PURE LOVE THAT I AM and found myself..


The community, the people, the shared passion of the music.. The network that I was able to tap into even when moving interstate and having made friends through my Adelaide connections.


To this day, I LOVE more than possibly anything else, to go to those places most “Spiritual” people choose not to venture because of the darkness found there (predominantly Ice, Amphetamines, bad pills). I hold no need to indulge, and take my place as the Alchemist and watch the negative lighten, breaking thing up energetically (if possible) before things happen.


And the love, joy and freedom within these scenes is just as real as any drumming circle or meditation I have ever attended.. truly.


It’s interesting to me that I have held guilt around being a mother and holding a secret love, beyond that which is expected of mothers and yet, my home is most abundant with love when I turn up the music, dance as I clean and be the full expression of myself. My children laugh and feed off that frequency.


So many times I’ve said I’m done with it all, all for months later the music to call me back. It’s in my blood, my dna, my breath as much as nature itself..


This is my nature. Singing, dancing, having adventures, sharing, connection, being in nature and love bring me the greatest joy.. This is who I am. And we can be respected for being ALL of who we are..


Possibly the longest status ever!




Watch “Wilkinson – Afterglow (BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend 2014)” on YouTube

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Kiarna Ella Enterprises CEO Where Traditional Business meets Quantum Reality Visionary and Bridge to Help you Connect to your Audience using Words and Actions that Engage and Activate.

2 thoughts on “**Soul Confessions**

  1. I totally agree Kiana .. there is so much of a want for people to try and box in and limit the experiences which a person is capable of having while being spiritual. The sadness comes when people actually change who they are in order to be able to fit into one of those boxes to try and make themselves more acceptable to the community instead of being who they truly are and teaching the community about the misconceptions of what being spiritual is all about.

    A new paradigm needs to be forged to help break through the limited concepts and safety barriers which people have accepted by fitting in and abiding by the will of others.

    Be young always .. be free with your spirit and do what you know is right even if everyone else says it’s wrong 🙂

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    1. ABSOLUTELY.. Part I forgot to mention also is that of laughter and comedy..
      The spiritual scene seems to have a “serious guru/yoga namaste nature of extremely controlled calmness”. They scare me.. I wake up having nightmares at night that the gurus are coming to get me so they can perform a lobotomy on me and I can be “one” with them..

      These are REAL FEARS dear friend..


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