Secrets to the Most Sexy Moment Of My Life..

2015-10-25 09.31.05

Something happened to me as a slept last night.. It may have been that I spent the day with Inspiring women.. It may have been that I slept well or the hypnosis audio I listen to at night is finally doing something or maybe I dreamed of something that helped me remember myself..

However, a realisation has come to me..

Those of us who, though not needing, but are open to the potentiality of Intimate Love, seem to be so keen on choosing a partner based on “What feels comfortable”. I however am coming to realise, if it feels comfortable, you are playing safe and safe is never safe..

Safe is not inspiring.. Having “fixed roles” is restrictive and has no room for

Expansion.. Growth.. Self Discovery..

BORING And the irony, that safe perspective lacks the stimulation to maintain something that inspires the other to want more.. More… MORE..

I saw a man the other day, I did not speak with him so much as exchange a 2 second smile.

He awoken something in me.

His presence was that like a tree, so solid, so grounded and incredibly strong and manly in a way that reeked Authenticity, Self Knowing and Raw Masculine Power.

I was in actual awe of this man – not in a “want to enjoy him physically” so much as total admiration.

I have no idea who he is, what he does, if he’s married or otherwise and none of those details mattered as it was not him, so much as what he symbolised to my conscious mind and an appreciating that something within me had been stimulated..

At that moment, I realised I wanted to choose the Adversity to be the type of woman that will have my first waking moment completely honouring a man of that perceived calibre, deserving of my admiration as I am to him.

This morning I feel like I am that woman.. One who is ready to let go of boys, let go of comfort, let go of “Safe” and experience something actually good enough to this Wild, Wicked, Women Authenticity I feel right now..

IMAGINE.. Being challenged to be a better version of yourself every day knowing the only way to be able to have his love is if you are 100% true to yourself.

IMAGINE.. Giving off such a Strong Frequency that others respected the bond as much as you both do..

IMAGINE.. Making choices EVERY DAY that YOU ARE WORTHY of that which you have in your life.. Only ever questioning to ask ones self, “What Else Is Possible?”

IMAGINE.. Being that WILDLY AUTHENTIC, that by your presence alone, others have no choice but to be inspired..

DAM! Now I’m even turning myself on..

If a partner DOESN’T INSPIRE YOU, doesn’t create the desire to out-do the sexy self you were yesterday and embody the sensuality you are today, are we selling ourselves short..?

We’ve all cried from the boys, time to be Challenged By A Man, and too, create a desire for boys to want to own more of their Wickedly Authentic selves too.

Playing small and safe is so 2014..

It’s not time to bring sexy back.. It’s time to..

Embody Sensuality from a place of Self-Knowing-Unapologetic-Farking-Raw-Authenticity..

Who’s coming with me?

(No pun intended)

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