12 Slap In the Face Lessons From The Surf…

2015-09-17 16.43.02

SURFING Ne ne ne ne ne ne *Surfing*

I recently had the privilege in investing in a 4 week Surf-Coaching Adventure with Phillip Henseler of waveofyourlife.com

Over the 4 week, I learned some pretty epic lessons and below are the top 12 lessons from the Surf…

  1. The Ocean does not care WHO you think you are.. It is the most AMAZING neutraliser of ego I’ve ever had.. It’s not a place to think, it’s a place to surrender..
  2. Sometimes you just need to shift your positioning… If you are not positioned correctly, you can not launch yourself into the experience you seek…
  3. When the big waves (opportunities) come along, you have 2 choices-dive in or get wiped out…  So what do you choose? Do you give your all or are you busy building sandcastles watching others?
  4. It’s easy to be Intimidated by those who have been doing it longer HOWEVER, you have just as much right to put yourself out there and the ones who are actually good love having some healthy competition..
  5. It’s more fun to catch a wave and give it your all than it is to be wiped out by not trying.. If you’re putting yourself out there, do what you’re there to do – no one is counting your “perceived failures” and if they are, do they deserve a position in your future?
  6. There will be bruises.. Life is not always an elegant ride to the end.. The bumps and bruises make us stronger and too, show us what we’re made of. They’re very grounding…
  7. If you give up, you only disappoint yourself.. I know it’s hard at times.. I know how it feels. But, you can not be upset with anyone for disappointing you if you make it your mission to disappoint yourself. SERIOUSLY.
  8. You are stronger than you think.. 
  9. Once you get a taste of what you want (result) determination kick into overdrive.. your mission shall you choose to accept it, is to stick around long enough to see them.
  10. Only you can make the choice to STAND UP.. You know, that life you’re wanting to live..? What if it’s waiting for you? What if the world needs you to own that right now?
  11. If you’re not enjoying the Adventure, what are you doing with your life? As a friend of mine used to say, never take life too seriously, we never get out alive 😉
  12. When fun is your goal, failure isn’t even a word. I tried to judge which waves would take me to the experience I seeked and I was always caught by surprise so I laughed lots and discovered my joy.

Now I have reclaimed my love for the ocean and joy, I hope you choose to make a choice to do the same.. Now is the time to catch “The Wave of Your Life”.

Peace ✌

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