Do NOT read this blog.. I’m TOTALLY BUSTED!!


Well, you seem to not be able to follow instructions.. Good.. You’re my type of people so read on, but first, a confession.. It has been nearly 6 months since my last blog.. I have soooo much to get out so please, bare with me.. 😉

For the last 6 months, I have been settling into a new state (both physically and mentally), moving and decided it was time to put my big girl panties (that word gaaa!) on and get a haircut and get a “Real Job”.

So I did just that… For the last 6 months I have been running LinkedIn Accounts, Writing Copy, Co-Hosting Events and a lot of Customer Relations style things in the background for a wonderful mentor of mine with a mammoth vision. I felt like being part of something bigger than myself was well worth giving up the Lifestyle Business I had grown to love and I believed that. It was with great gratitude that I participated in literally building (from painting to laying carpet tiles, ripping up lino and creating a roof Jungle whilst dangling like a monkey) a centre from the ground up with a team of people I both love and respect.

Many events have been held and many more to come.. Always an honor to be a part of it..

Until.. My employer approached me with a question.. Or maybe it was a statement.. The moment seems like a blur.. All I remember was “Kiarna, you are an Entrepreneur”. SH!T.. I’d been trying my hardest to fit the box and be a “Good Employee” but nope, caugh out..

You see, the good thing with amazing employers is their ability to be able to put people into “Task Appropriate Roles” and have a really clear definition as to what each persons roll both is and how that fits into the overall puzzle which is the Company. An entrepreneur is a pain to employ.. The ideas don’t stop.. And they’re not always congruent to your grander vision.. So like a tiger, unleashed from a cage, I picked myself up, brushed myself off annnnd celebrated the freedom of being allll of me again.. How liberating.. ❤

The point of the story is this.. You can’t hide from who you truly are. You’re not fooling anyone.. And why would you want to when being true to you is the ONLY thing you are ACTUALLY required to do in this lifetime..

How does it get ANY better than that?

Not all employers are as switched on.. If you would like to discus whether or not you too could actually be an Entrepreneur, please just message me.. What are you waiting for?

From my big, open heart to yours,

Kiarna Ella ❤

Published by Kiarna

Kiarna Ella Enterprises CEO Where Traditional Business meets Quantum Reality Visionary and Bridge to Help you Connect to your Audience using Words and Actions that Engage and Activate.

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