The Perfection of Being


I’ve come to realise, the change I’ve undertaken from moving to the Gold Coast from Adelaide more than just a change in location.

It is embracing the unknown with total trust and surrender.

It is being surrounded by life, beauty, perfection..

It is knowing my family and I are 100% safe and protected-not by anything external, but by holding a deep internal knowing.

As I navigate my path on new streets, connecting the dots, new neuropathways connect.

As I travel, my body changes to suit its environment. My heart already overwhelmed with gratitude for the experience we call life.

As I continue to climb to the peak, I realise I need to climatize, breathe in every moment not to pace so much as integrate each step. No one ever climbed Mount Everest by going straight to the top.

To have it all right now would cause a freak out as our life has already changed in such a huge way that I’d end up back in Adelaide because it was too much to handle.

What if right now, all our job was is to be in this moment? Look back on all we’ve achieved knowing how far we’ve come in such a short period of time. Breathing. Being.

Maybe the perfection lies in trusting the process in order to know we are exactly where we need to be, doing exactly as we need to do.

Please share your thoughts on where you are right now.

Much love from my heart to yours ♡♡

Published by Kiarna

Kiarna Ella Enterprises CEO Where Traditional Business meets Quantum Reality Visionary and Bridge to Help you Connect to your Audience using Words and Actions that Engage and Activate.

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