11 steps to embracing changing times as a Man


A lo

t of men are feeling challenged by the concept of the “Feminine Rising”. A lot of relationships lines now being blurred man feeling abandoned, left high and dry.

Gone for many, are the days of the men being the “Bread Winner”, woman as “Domesticated”.

Women now hold some of the top roles and are owning their experience.

A lot of the “Household Chores” are now being outsourced hense the expansion/demand on services like cleaners, childcare, petcare, etc.

A lot of construction jobs are drying up, only so much new infastructure that can be created in order to maintain the external ecconomy. A lot of office jobs being outsourced in order to increase profits.

So what can a man do in order to Survive the changes? Below are my top tips for embracing it all!

1. Can you see how re-skill with your hidden talent May be a solid choice right now?. The thing that makes your heart sing- the thing you may have been told was stupid that you gave up on years ago.

2. Understand we all hold a feminine energy. Its the crazy, unapologising power within all of us,

man and woman alike.

3. Embracing it doesn’t mean you’re less of a man

. In fact the most genuionly manly men are the ones who do. The more you embrace your feminine the more your masculine has space created to expand.

4. Remember, we all start out as women (thats why we all have nipples). It’s simply a genetic mutation changing the “X” chromosome into a “Y”. Therefore, you simply wear your vagina externally 😉 .

5. Realise you still hold a purpose. The evidence is that you are still breathing.

6. We may not “need” you like we once did and this is actually liberating to you. It frees you up. The job here is not to hold on tighter but to allow all to spread their wings. Possesive love is dead.

7. Honor one another by being transperant with your partner. Support each other through this time. The world is changing-we are stronger together than alone..

8. If you’re single, We’re over the lines and moves. Just be yourself and the right woman will realise how much you mean to her.

9.End of the day we are no different to you. Our hearts still beat, the blood still is pumped around our bodies, by simply being who you are with us, the breath we share just may be the one that takes our breath away.

10. It is safe to be vulnerable with the right woman. The right woman is the one beside you.

11. Though a proud woman may never say so, we do need you. Feminine rising is not about overcoming men but about allowing ALL to do what they want to do, be what they want to be oooooo..

I’m working with a lot of men these days that want to remember how to surrender to who they are- returning to their innocence.

You are our beautiful warriors and love you for it.

Please. Join us.

Contact me for more details.

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