Born Free, Fly Free


For those of you who don’t know, my 4 jrs and I moved to the Gold Coast on Christmas day. Its known by all involved so can share now with abandonment.

Though part of the motivator was getting away from a situation, the crucial key needed to be moving TOWARDS something greater and being a true opportunist- taking it as they come.

I can not embrace my own freedom whilst imprisoning others..

Sooo throughout the whole process, I involved the tribe and allowed them to both choose their own path and have a voice at every point. An opportunity to express their fears, joys, laughter and tears- honoring them, each moment becoming closer As a family.

It’s completely humbling as a mother to know they held complete faith in me even when I had no idea myself. Even now, the choice to go back it always an option and one they are not willing to even validate.

The choice to randomly jump on a plane with my children a bag each and a suitcase-leaving everything else behind without any certainty of anything was the biggest leap of faith I’ve ever taken.

And yet, here we are a month later, we are settled (considering its the looong school holidays 😉 ), know our way around and know this is now home. A home currently full of laughter.

I’ve found forgiveness and released my fears. Ready to be of service on the next level and give all of myself to you.

The discomfort one experiences through embracing change is nothing in comparison to the victory of owning ones reality..

Those who leap never fall.. We Fly Free..

Spread your wings and *breathe*

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Would love to read how you are being the change you want to see in the world.

Peace and love as always from my heart to yours

Published by Kiarna

Kiarna Ella Enterprises CEO Where Traditional Business meets Quantum Reality Visionary and Bridge to Help you Connect to your Audience using Words and Actions that Engage and Activate.

2 thoughts on “Born Free, Fly Free

  1. I Honor your ‘surrender’ and ‘faith’ to the Divine Flow in your life, in whatever form, name, knowing or understanding of what this ‘flow’ is to you and your family. Well down on the ‘Leap’ into the unknown, which now is becoming a new ‘Known’ and paradigm for you to journey. Namaste and unconditional Love to you and the family sacred circle ….


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