If you can Find a Free Hand, you Can Achieve Anything


So today I woke up feeling incredibly motivated after such an intense few weeks with all of the planetary stuff going on..

I jumped out of bed instantly recognising the new spring in my step and a desire to get things done.  First on my list, business cards followed by mentoring and mastering my “To do Lists”.

My twins were off to school and my younger two were eating breakfast leaving me with the opportunity to approve and perfect my cards before they were finished.  Fate as it seemed however, had other plans..

The moment I walked away it was like my 16 month old daughter had been abandoned and had no idea which direction her parental had gone leaving her a very sobbing little puddle of tears with the emotions I can only link to that of teething. With bubby girl by my side, I continued on all to be requested for cuddles from her very loving brother out of fears of his little sister getting more attention than him.

Baby girl fell asleep breastfeeding, little man cuddled in and started to dose off and I continued on my mission, getting my cards D.O.N.E!

Feeling quite accomplished and very in love with my little ones, I somehow managed to take a selfie (waking little man with the flash).

If these little cuties can’t stop me, I don’t think anything can.
My question to you right now is what is it that is stopping you from getting you list done?
What are you able to achieve with your free hand?
Much love and blessings to you and sleep well, we have a big day ahead of us!

Published by Kiarna

Kiarna Ella Enterprises CEO Where Traditional Business meets Quantum Reality Visionary and Bridge to Help you Connect to your Audience using Words and Actions that Engage and Activate.

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