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This page is for the Ancient ones, The Goddesses, The Witches, The Priestesses and The Oracles (AKA the Sacred ones) that have lost their way in an unfamiliar world.

We have been told to go with flow, to forget our divinity and be objects of desire in order to fit in and be of value. What if we are more than that?

This page is for men ready to embrace their inner goddess and therefore activate their sacred maculine in order to find True love and Live their most Authentic Life of Flow.

And for women ready to step into their true Divitity and Cleanse away residual “Worldly Sins” in order to Love honor and Respect yourself in a new way. Manifesting an absolute God into your Life, Heart and Womb and just as importantly, have fun doing it.

For both, this intensifies the Intimacy experienced and takes your life to a whole new level of Abundance, but to start with Transcending Self Love.

Self Love in this new way is not vanity nor affirmations of “Good Enough”. It is Nourishing you – all of you. Physically, Metally, Emotionally and Spiritually. To be mindful of what we allow into our bodies in all ways.

Through this Old-New way, we treat our bodies as a temple – not in a way to accumulate shame and guilt so much as become aware of how each choice affects our energy and frequency.

This in turn taps us into source within us that is infinite and full of Wisdom. Here, anything is possible.

You remember you are Intuitive, Wise and boundlessly Beautiful.

How does it get better than that?



Having had her own journey with becoming what society seemed to require and a lesser version of herself, Kiarna Ella decided, Enough is Enough.

Sick of Pretending to be Courageous when she was Scared.

Upset but Pretending to be Confident while Hiding her Heart.

Ashamed but Pretending to be Liberated while actually being Violated.

Turning off her Natural Gifts in order to give people a chance was a foolish choice and now she wants nothing more than to remind you of your Super Power and how you receive warnings so you can always honor your body and your heart.

Kiarna Ella is a Psychic Clearing Oracle, Mentor and Healer to those who are ready to let go of all that is not them in order to live the best life possible, and more importantly, have fun doing it.

Having been trained in numerous modalities of  Healing and Coaching and over 20 years of research into Health and Wellness, Kiarna came to realise, there is nothing more powerful than Intention and a deep connection to our own Infinite Self.

Creator of “A Dose of Reality Oracle Cards” Kiarna Ella spends most of her time doing Oracle Reading and Clearings for clients all over the world.

Kiarna looks forward to helping you develop your connection with yourself and has the tools to get you where you need to go – no matter what your Dream for the future is.


  • To Tap you into Your Super Power
  • To remind you, you are loved and supported in life
  • To Remind you who you are and what you are here to do
  • To support you to take action towards expressing all of who you are with Truth, Integrity and Heart
  • To remind you how to Reconnect to the Beauty all around you from a Sacred Place
  • To witness you and support you revealing who you really are
  • To teach you to break away from all Bullshit – programs, conditioning and anything that stops you from believing in yourself

The love you want, the life you want, the career you want, finance you want and everything in between!

To book your Complimentary Oracle Card Reading please CLICK HERE!





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