What would life be like if you Suddenly Could Live the Life you want for you?


One thing I know for certain is you are not on this page by accident.

You are seeking.

Seeking to know yourself, what is possible on your journey of Life and make peace with who you are at the core of your being. You see the way other people do thing and it just does not resonate with you. You want to live your life on your terms but find yourself STUCK on the morning routines, fasting, Trying to commit to yoga and meditation even though it feels completely foreign to you and what you actually want to do on a soul level.

You want to transcend the idea that you have to choose on thing vs another. 

You Happiness is not at the expense of your Abundance,
Your Abundance is not at the expense of your Loved Ones,
Your Loved ones are not at the expense of your Joy
Your Joy is not at the expense of your Health.

“You can Live and Love a harmonious life that fills you up from the inside and radiates from the truth of who you really are  – This is what I activate within you”.

Kiarna Ella (Creator of A Dose Of Reality Oracle Cards) Is your guide to Expanding Your Potential Joy in Real Time and Grounding it into your current Reality.

Now before you go and role your eyes at another Expert who thinks your Life Path will be great when you follow the rules of Their Path, Think again.

Your path is yours and yours alone to Walk, Dance or Run to the beat of your own drum.

Having Supported hundreds of People all over the Earth in the last 15 years and Trained in Multiple Modalities of Coaching, Wellness and Healing (Complementing and Expanding her Natural Psychic Abilities), we ensure you will have a Wholistic and Surprising Experience.

Whether getting a Deck of A Dose Of Reality Oracle Cards, a One off/ Regular Psychic Reading,  Join one of the Intensive Coaching and Clearing Programs, Workshop or Awakening Mentoring, Kiarna Ella is Giving you the opportunity to Know Yourself, Love yourself and Find Peace in the Process.
No matter what is happening in your life, you will find the space of seeing how you are participating to this Lifestyle and ground it back into Practical Reality; Right Here, Right Now. It’s time to be Self Responsible for the next 20 years which can be the best 20 years of YOUR LIFE!

SPECIALISING in Finances, Relationships (and Intimacy- no question out of bounds), Purpose and Health from a Fresh, Sovereign Perspective, the next step is more Simple and Attainable than you may think.

You will experience Clarity, Conviction and Certainty in your Future and the Path Ahead as well as knowing EXACTLY what to do next.

Kiarna Ella is a Psychic Clearing Oracle, Mentor and Healer to those who are ready to let go of all that is not them in order to live the best life possible, and more importantly, have Fun doing it.

Having over 20 years of research into Health and Wellness, (and all the fear programs that come with it) Kiarna came to realise, there is nothing more powerful than Intention and a deep connection to our own Infinite Self to break the invisible chains that bind us to a life we do not want.

Breaking away from the New-Age and the 5D Culture to Find her Sovereignty as a Multidimensional Being. Working with the Quantum Space to Expand what is possible.

Miraculous Physical, Mental and Emotional Clearings have taken place before peoples eyes, leaving even the most skeptical of us converted and Healing.

Kiarna Ella spends most of her time doing Psychic Oracle Reading and Clearings for clients all over the world while raising beautiful children and loving her grand-baby and still loves to Research and discover new Technologies which best serve the Expansion, Goosebumps, Giggles, Tears while Gracefully giving you a loving Kick in the Butt.

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  • To Tap you into Your Super Power
  • To Remind you, you are Loved and Supported in Life
  • To Remind you Who you are and What You are here to do
  • To Support you to take action towards expressing all of who you are with Truth, Integrity and Heart
  • To Remind you how to Reconnect to the Beauty all around you from a Sacred Place
  • To Witness you and Support You in revealing who You Really Are
  • To teach you to break away from all Bullshit – Programs, Conditioning and anything that stops you from Believing in Yourself and Your Mission
  • And Most Importantly, Help you to Realise Heaven is on Earth.

The Love you Want, the Life you Want, the Path you Want, Finance you Want and everything in between!





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