Its All about You

Let’s take a moment to talk about you..

You can feel the World is changing and you know you play a roll in the betterment of humanity.

However, you are wondering,

How can I make a difference??

This calling, is becoming louder and is at the point of
“Action Required”

Is is not about anything beyond you getting Clarity and Stepping into the Version of you that makes you Proud.

Its not even an option anymore and the question is,
Are you finally ready to Embrace?

Whether you have done some Personal Development, Spiritual Healing or Learned some Techniques previously, the journey from here is something, Beyond..

A lot of the time when we are trying to improve our lives, we try to recreate from what we think is achievable vs a blank canvas.

It is my intention to help you clear all that is not you in order to bring it back to that space of being Open to the Wonderment and more importantly, have all your ducks in a row to make it an easy,

do this.. now this…

I help you to connect into something grander than the current version of yourself to play with the Possibilities getting you excited about your Life again.

Truth is, you are not a lost $5 note in last years winter jacket. You get to create who you are becoming!

Become your own Psychic, Healer, Mentor and BACK YOURSELF no matter what industry you are in!

We can call back and call in all you’ve ever wanted and more!

Clarity, Conviction and Certainty are guaranteed moving forward but there’s no point if you are not having fun doing it.

Here is your moment to take action and ask yourself,

What your Intention is for 2020?
What do you need to support that?
How can we expand that even further?

Please go to the contact page and I will give you a call at your convenience to see how we can get you living the Ultimate Human Experience and Thrive in a Changing World!

A Dose of Reality

Are you Wanting to Fast track Real Results Now?

Experience the Ultimate Way of Gaining New Information, Clarity and Life Hacks in order to Fast track Success, Flow and Momentum in all areas of your life.

Hour InPower Psychic Sessions give you the non-BS path and help you see what is going on energetically, clearing all that is standing in your way of unlocking the Ultimate Version of You.

Specialising in Finances, Relationships/ Intimacy, Purpose & Health from a Fresh, Sovereign Perspective, you will experience greater Clarity, Conviction & Certainty no matter where you currently are.

Book HERE!

Clear water at the beach

About Kiarna Ella

I am that I am..

At this point “my” story seems completely unrelated to who I am becoming and yet, is the key to me being who I now am in a space of Freedom and Clarity.

I have always experienced duality simultaneously and within that, developed a different way of seeing the world.

Moments of feeling completely..
stuck and yet liberated.

Weak and yet Powerful.

Alone and yet Connected.

So within even the worst moments of being homeless, abused is every way, Self Medicating, Suicidal etc, there was a a deeper knowing of a voice,

“This is NOT how your Story ends”

I was out for the quick fixes and avoided actually looking at myself. It was always about everyone else.

The key here is to STOP.

If life isn’t working for you it is because you have bought in to some BS SOMEWHERE that life needs to be hard in order to be of Value, to Grow.

Err.. no.

While I have had success in Creating “A Dose Of Reality Oracle Cards”, Quantum Psychic Readings, Healings and Mentoring with Clients all over the world, one thing has run true more than ANYTHING else!

You must “Know Thyself” in order to like “Thy Self” and moving into “Loving Thy Self” enough to “Nurture Thy Self”.

It all starts with us!

For this reason, I now have the honor of being an “Infinite Self Mentor, Quantum Psychic and Instigator for your Spontanious Healing”.

Focusing on you as a Whole-istic Being, no element is overlooked.

My specialty is on Health, Relationships, Purpose and Worth,

MEANING we Activate More Money, Impact, Freedom, Focus, Flow, More Connection, Clarity and most importantly Fun!

I can work with people who are experiencing blocks but not people who are not prepared to go deep to clear them and attune to something BIG.

I can work with people who are experiencing pain or heartache but not people who find ‘Identity” in their stories.

I can work with people who desire a better life but not those who are content living a mediocre life and just want to reach a “Goal”.

I want to hear the shit deeper than the surface level content and activate your shadow so you can give yourself Permission to be free to be you.

“The Art of Being Me”
Will enable you to have the Ultimate Human Experience!

Is the first webinar I have Released Publicly and COMING SOON!

Register your interest on my contact Page ❤

“Life is so much more fun not being

carefully calculated so much as

Effortlessly Executed”

Kiarna Ella

About Us

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Want to understand the importance of Self-Dating and the relationship with self being the basis of every other connection?

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